International Students

We welcome international students to our residential community, wholeheartedly.

Almost a quarter of Sancta students are international students and we endeavour to be a home away from home for students from all parts of the world. Our aim is for every student to immerse themselves fully in Australian and College culture.

International applicants are encouraged to apply as soon as they are offered a place at university. Exchange and study abroad students are welcome.

The experience has truly been an invaluable one. By allowing international students into the College, it fosters a rich multicultural environment. I’ve learned so much from the other girls, and I hope I’ve done the same for them.

American student, Jackie Monteforte,  spent one Semester at Sancta

It was so nice to receive news from Sancta, it made me remember the time I spent there as an international postgraduate. A very good experience indeed that not many international students have, but that I would definitely recommend. 

Irene C Paltrinieri, Italy