Sancta’s PhD Students

Graduate House is the ideal setting for PhD students, looking for more independent living within a supportive, active community.

In 2017, Sancta’s PhD students are studying in a diverse range of areas. 

I am conducting my PhD research in the Sydney Medical School, with lovely supervisors and an awesome research team comprised of physicians, surgeons, pharmacists, nurses, dietitians and scientists. We are looking into how best are the medical therapy, bariatric surgery and diet in improving weight management in severely obese patients. I am based in the prestigious Charles Perkins Centre which is only conveniently five minutes of walking distance from Sancta Sophia College, a place I call home in Australia.

I enjoy living in Sancta. Especially as it is fully-furnished, and with all meals provided in buffet style, in addition to Academic and pastoral support, cultural, spiritual, social and sporting activities (including my favourite table tennis), leading to a wholesome community experience. It has the largest postgraduate and more matured community amongst all colleges which like-minded networks and friendships in place; that would be able to support me throughout my research. I am also particularly grateful for the very helpful and friendly Principal Dr. Marie Leech, Vice Principal Maryanne Pidcock and staff from Registrar to Bursar, Reception, Development, Marketing Development, Maintenance, housekeeping and kitchen in Sancta. Importantly, Sancta recognizes that students pursuing higher degree research are often financially challenged; therefore, a number of scholarships are generously offered, such as the Entrance Scholarships and Bursary which are awarded to me, in that I am able to fully concentrate on my studies. With all these supports in place by Sancta, my focus can be on achieving academically and enjoying the best of student life in Sydney.


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