Leaders for  2018

Congratulations to the students who have been elected to leadership positions for 2018. Thank you to the 2017 committees who worked tirelessly throughout the year.


2018 House Committee

Senior Student – Mary Schnelle
Honorary Secretary – Sophia Wright
Honorary Treasurer – Jesseline Ingold
Social Secretary – Hannah O’Callaghan
Sports Secretary – Lucy Edwards
Cultural Secretary – Lucinda Spence
Liturgical Secretary – Maggie Sarkissian
Social Welfare and Sponsorship Secretary – Josie Clarke
Senior Intercol Representative – Amelia Bryant
Junior Intercol Representative – Emma Clark
Senior Rep – Cristina Lucas
Sophomore Rep – Matilda Single


2018 Senior Common Room: 
President: Behzad Memarzadeh 
Secretary: Isobel Rowe 
Treasurer: Elizabeth Mansourian 
Cultural Rep: Charlotte Webber 
Sports Rep: William Adams 
Social Rep: Danielle Barnes 
Academic Rep: Anivartha Herur



Sancta’s 2018 leaders: Jesseline Ingold, Elizabeth Mansourian, Mary Schnelle, Behzad Memarzadeh, Sophia Wright, Isobel Rowe.