Celebrating the 9s

Throughout 2019, we celebrate and share memories of our alumni cohorts who commenced at Sancta in years ending in ‘9’.

Dr Tracy Bradford, Sancta’s Archivist, takes a look back at the changing fashions of Sancta residents…



Sancta — a place of social and sartorial splendour. From the post-Edwardian fashions of the “Roaring Twenties”, and the undoubtedly fabulous ‘spring evening frocks’ of the 1930s, to the blue eyeshadow and big hair and shoulder pads of the eighties, and the ‘everything-old-is-new-again’ global mashup of the first two decades of the 21st century, Sancta girls have jumped at the opportunity to dress up for a party – no excuse needed, really. Formals, semi-formals, Champagne in the Quad – you name it, Sancta embraced it. Documenting the fashion (r)evolution and Sancta’s penchant for a great party, the College magazine is a veritable gold mine of photographs and commentary on all things social and sartorial.

And where there’s a party, there’s shopping! In 1939, a young lady could “skip about” on her Selby Iris shoes with midway heel from (there’s no other store like) David Jones for the sum of 29 shillings and sixpence (around $129.60 in today’s figures). A decade later, she could snap up a “tailor-made” blouse in 23 Californian styles for 36 shillings (or $101 in 2019). No online shopping in the ‘good old days’!