Welcome from the 2020 Senior Common Room President

By Clara Jane Armstrong

Postgraduate Senior Common Room President 2020

To our incoming postgraduate students, Welcome!

On behalf of myself, the Senior Common Room Executive and our postgraduate community, we could not be happier that you will soon be joining our home away from home. We have not long ago been right where you are now – on the cusp of a major change in life that can at times, both excite and terrify you. Perhaps you’re starting your journey from interstate or coming to us from across the oceans – regardless of where it has begun, we are thrilled it has led you here.

And on that note, I’d like to take a moment to say, congratulations! Your acceptance into postgraduate study is an incredible achievement that has no doubt come with hard work and sacrifice. So, take pride in your accomplishment and we can’t wait to raise a glass to you when you arrive!

We understand that there is no shortage of challenges that come with taking the leap of faith you are about to, and we are not strangers to the uncertainty and homesickness that can come with leaving behind the people and places you know. But I can promise you that with a deep breath and a little faith, Sancta will soon be a welcome refuge at the end of a long day.

Here, you will meet people that challenge your perspectives, open your mind to things you hadn’t considered, but above all, will accept you for what you believe in and where you have come from.

Here, more than anything, you will find community – people who share more than a place to live but a shared purpose and commitment to each other. So, until we meet (which I hope to be soon), I leave you with some advice as you start your journey:

  1. There is far more power than we realise in “hello”. Don’t be afraid to say it – for me it’s been the start of many kindred friendships that I will cherish long after I’ve moved on. And;
  2. Your time here is short – it’s not easy when the world moves so fast, but don’t let it slip through your fingers.


P.S. Don’t be afraid to reach for your loftiest goals. We’re behind you – win, lose or draw.

Warmest wishes and best of luck on the road ahead.


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