Welcome from the 2020 Senior Student

By Georgia Potter
Undergraduate Senior Student 2020

As the Senior Student for 2020, I cannot wait to warmly welcome and immerse the incoming cohort of Sancta residents into everything our amazing College has to offer.

During my two years at Sancta, I have been graced with the allure of the College itself, and arguably more significant, the allure of the people that reside within its walls. I myself, originating from a rural town and moving to Sydney to study my desired degree not knowing a single soul, understand the daunting process of tackling university study in a foreign environment.

With this, there will be challenges. Challenges in your degree, challenges in settling into a new lifestyle, and challenges in adapting to the demands of young adulthood. Therein lies the support provided by Sancta.

I can attest that the unwavering sense of community at Sancta eases these obstacles and accommodates its residents through a dynamic, inclusive and lively culture. This powerful culture radiates everywhere— from the Dining Hall where we share meals, to the common rooms, and in the beautiful Quadrangle situated at the heart of our College. Our culture creates a home away from home for all Sancta girls and facilitates personal growth as we collectively live through shared experiences and progress through our studies.

Leading our great College into 2020, there are several things I wish to pursue as we strive to better the experience for both returning and new residents.

Senior Student Georgia Potter delivers Commencement address

Firstly, I wish to uphold the loud and proud spirit that lies at the heart of the Sancta community. Our rowdy masses of red and white have always mirrored our competitive presence in the Intercollegiate arena – let’s continue to prove we are a force to be reckoned with! I will encourage all incoming residents to involve themselves as much as possible. What you invest in Sancta, I can guarantee you will be rewarded twofold!

The strength and vibrance of Sancta’s postgraduate community continues to be integral to our diverse cultural identity. I see the year ahead as an opportunity to strengthen our undergraduate and postgraduate relations through more bonding events and integration initiatives. In doing so, the sense of community within Sancta will only continue to grow, as we harness our diversity as a College and embrace the qualities that differentiate Sancta from its counterparts.

In essence, the Sancta community is like no other – a place of support where we can grow and learn together. I see 2020 shaping up to be another ground-breaking year of success and prosperity, where we build and strengthen our community beyond expectation.

I very much look forward to welcoming all the incoming students, as well as seeing the Sancta community grow with its limitless potential.


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