Vision and Mission


To walk in wisdom – as virtue to be sought, as tradition to sustain and as guide to action and contemplation.

Mission Statement

Sancta Sophia is a residential College within the University of Sydney.

We seek to be a community of faith and learning whose members work together in the spirit of wisdom, friendship and cooperation respecting each person and acknowledging the talents of every one of our residents and staff.

We draw upon the intellectual and spiritual heritage of the Catholic faith whilst welcoming those of other traditions.  We pursue a love for wisdom and strive to practise wisdom in our lives.

Values and Principles

  • Commitment to an engaged and caring Sancta Community
  • Ethical decision-making
  • Opportunities for learning and leadership
  • Commitment to diversity
  • Valuing staff
  • Excellence in quality and service
  • Valuing collaboration and partnerships
  • Fiscal responsibility
  • Recognising and celebrating participation and achievement