This webpage contains the latest information from Sancta regarding our response to the global COVID-19 pandemic. 

As always, urgent updates are shared with residents directly via SMS or email.

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Information from Authorities

Australian Government Department of Health:

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Current situation and case numbers

Health information telephone line

World Health Organisation (WHO):

Coronavirus (COVID-19)


Protective measures

Australian Government Health Direct:

Coronavirus (COVID-19) symptom checker

Australian Government:

Coronavirus (COVID-19) essential information 

New South Wales Government

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Semester 2 Returns to College are Welcome


We have developed a way forward that allows for the gradual return of residents in coming months, provided that Australia continues to have an acceptably low COVID-19 community transmission rate. We agree that whilst we will continue to implement and review robust safety measures at the College, our plans will need to remain agile to what is happening in the broader community.  

  • Returns to Sancta will be welcome from Wednesday 17 June 2020.
  • Should Australia’s COVID-19 situation change for the worse in coming weeks, we may delay, modify or cancel residents’ planned returns.
  • All residents wishing to return must first familiarise themselves with the information below, then submit a request to return via our arrival booking form (see emails or noticeboard for arrival booking form link). Your request to return should be submitted at least seven days prior to your preferred arrival date. 
  • Information regarding fees in Semester 2 and other administrative matters will be available by next week.  


What you need to know 
Life at Sancta right now is different to what you left behind, and many of these changes must remain in place until it is safe to relax them further.  

  • All residents are expected to respect government guidelines pertaining to safe ways of living during the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes supporting all measures in place at Sancta regarding hygiene and social-distancing.
  • Whilst we are making every effort to make Sancta a safe, hygienic and well-prepared living environment for all, it is neither feasible nor within Sancta’s values to monitor and police resident behaviour at all times. There will be a high level of expectation upon each individual member of the Sancta community to act responsibly, call out recklessness and adjust to the changed ways of living and interacting here at Sancta.
  • At present, we continue to have a ‘no visitors’ and ‘no social events’ policy in place. We will review the necessity of these rules as time passes. It is hoped that restrictions such as these can be relaxed well before Semester 2 but, as with the return of students, we cannot be certain of our position next week, let alone in two months’ time.
  • It appears that most Intercollegiate competitions will resume in Semester 2, however, we cannot be sure of what each competition will look like.
  • It is important that, even with the currently low rate of community transmission, everyone understands and accepts that risk exists for all of us as we move through this pandemic. Residents with compromised immunity and underlying health conditions are advised to think carefully about the risks of returning to a communal living environment such as Sancta during a pandemic.   

What will we do if there is a confirmed COVID-19 case at Sancta?  

Firstly, we would immediately contact health authorities for advice; simultaneously, we would be seeking to isolate the confirmed case and their readily identified ‘close contacts’, whilst ensuring that all community members are kept informed as we seek to act on the official advice obtained. The past few months have allowed us to think through many scenarios, such as the need to engage external deep-cleaning services, rapidly change the food-servery model, and in the case of a significant outbreak – lockdown the College. Despite these drafted plans, we acknowledge that we are not a healthcare facility and thus would prioritise the advice of the local health unit in all instances.  

Fiona Hastings

College Principal