This webpage contains the latest information from Sancta regarding our response to the global COVID-19 pandemic. 

As always, urgent updates are shared with residents directly via SMS or email.

PAGE LAST UPDATED: 17 December 2020


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Current Restrictions at Sancta
Arriving at Sancta, Self-Quarantine & Risk Areas
Information from Authorities
Visitors to Sancta Temporarily Suspended


Student Isolation Support

If you need to isolate at Sancta, please choose an option below. You will be redirected to a form that you will then need to complete and submit. 
Once submitted you will receive an email with important information and next steps. 

I am going / have been for a COVID-19 test and must isolate until I receive my result


I have been notified that I am a close contact of a confirmed COVID-19 case/venue and must isolate for 14 days


I have received a positive test result for COVID-19 and must now isolate until I am cleared by NSW Health


Current Restrictions at Sancta

    • One visitor per student is permitted at any one time in the College (from 5PM Monday 31 August). Visitors must register on each occasion they visit to assist with contact tracing. Visitors are not permitted to access any common areas (including prolonged time in hallways and corridors). 
    • Residents are asked to practice heightened safety when outside of the College, by ensuring they maintain strict social distancing wherever they go, and where this is not possible, wearing a mask and ensuring hand hygiene.
    • Residents are asked to reconsider the need to venture out to hospitality venues. 
    • Small COVIDSafe, resident-only events are welcome on-site with the permission of the Principal or Vice Principal. 


This is under ongoing review and will be suspended or amended at the discretion of the Principal based on assessment of risk.

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Arriving at Sancta, Self-Quarantine & Risk Areas

We continue to review new updates from NSW Health in order to safely manage student returns.

All residents, whether In-Room, on vacation in Australia or overseas, or planning to return at any stage in 2021, are asked to carefully review this live list of ‘risk’ areas and modes of transport. Sancta staff are also assessing each planned returner’s risk profile but self-identification is encouraged where you think you fit any of the below categories. 


Risk areas identified by NSW Health as at 17 December requiring immediate isolation for a full 14 days and testing (even if you have no symptoms):

  • Avalon Beach: Avalon Bowlo (bowling club), 4 Bowling Green Lane
  • Avalon Beach: Bangkok Sidewalk Restaurant, 1/21-23 Old Barrenjoey Road
  • Avalon Beach: Barramee Thai Massage and Spa, 4/42-44 Old Barrenjoey Road
  • Avalon: Hungry Ghost Café, 3/48 Old Barrenjoey Road
  • Avalon Beach: Sneaky Grind Café
  • Palm Beach: Palm Beach female change rooms
  • Palm Beach: Coast Palm Beach Café, Barrenjoey Road


Risk areas identified by NSW Health as at 17 December requiring heightened monitoring for symptoms:

  • Avalon Beach: Woolworths, 74 Barrenjoey Road
  • Avalon Beach: Oliver’s Pie, Careel Shopping Village, 1 Careel Head Road
  • Mona Vale: Bing Lee, Gateway, 1 Mona Vale Road
  • Peakhurst: Gannons Park, Forest Rangers FC, Little Rangers session


Further information on these locations can be found here: NSW Government – Latest news and updates


Quarantine at Sancta

If you are entering Sancta after having spent time in a ‘risk’ area requiring isolation and testing for COVID-19, you are required to complete 14 days of self-quarantine, including undertaking a COVID-19 test at RPA Hospital on day 12 of your quarantine; students cannot end their quarantine until a negative test result is provided.

The purpose of this quarantine is to confirm that students entering Sancta do not have COVID-19 before they commence normal engagement with the rest of the College community. Additionally, quarantine protects the rest of the community should it be discovered during the 14-day period that a student has arrived at Sancta whilst positive for COVID-19.

Where at all possible, arriving students are asked to complete their quarantine off-site to minimise the risk of exposure to the Sancta community.

For the removal of doubt, the terms ‘quarantine’ and ‘isolation’ are used interchangeably at Sancta in this document.  


How self-quarantine at Sancta works

  • While students are able to complete quarantine at Sancta in their room; in some instances, the College may require students to complete their quarantine offsite in a nearby accommodation setting or in another room at the College.
  • Where students do not experience any symptoms of cold/flu-like illness throughout the 14 day period, they will be able to finish quarantine and join the rest of the College in adhering to the standard COVIDSafe ways of living once they have undertaken a COVID-19 test which returns a negative result. The test should be taken around day 12 of their quarantine. 
  • Students who become aware that they may have been in contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case, or who experience any cold/flu-like symptoms, must advise a member of staff (including RAs) who will support them through testing isolation. 


Self-quarantine protocols

  • Any student requiring self-quarantine should notify their Resident Assistant (RA) or Vice Principal Brigid Carrigan.
  • Students undertaking self-quarantine at Sancta will be accommodated in a room with an ensuite bathroom.
  • Quarantined students are required to stay in their room with the door closed, unless for an approved reason (medical grounds or with the explicit permission of the Sancta Principal or Vice Principal).  
  • Sancta will provide relevant students with masks and basic hygiene care kits. 
  • All meals must be taken in-room and will be provided to students pre-packaged to allow them to adhere to this requirement.
  • Room cleaning will be suspended for the duration of the isolation period.
  • As for all other members of the onsite community, students must practice heightened hygiene measures and ensure the washing and sanitation of hands regularly. 


These are current until further notice and may be subject to change.


Services to support isolating residents

  • Students in isolation are supported by Sancta staff and RAs for all their practical needs. Other students, family and friends are encouraged to help keep their spirits up and their sense of isolation at bay!  
  • The mental health of students in isolation is of high priority. Under strict conditions, students in isolation are supported to access fresh air and sunshine on occasion during their isolation period. Every possible precaution is taken to ensure the safety of other students in such cases.  
  • There are easy forms for students to choose their meals so that they are delivered food they want during isolation; there is also a shopping list form which is filled by Sancta staff on students’ behalf as soon as practical.
  • Sancta staff will be checking on isolating students every day to help them to get through what is an undeniably challenging, yet necessary experience from both a legal and community safety perspective.
  • Isolating students will be provided with essentials such as toilet paper, cleaning products, a kettle, tissues, gloves, hand sanitiser, masks and laundry powder. 


We wish to thank all residents for your support of this important safety requirement.


Information from Authorities

Australian Government Department of Health:

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Current situation and case numbers

Health information telephone line

World Health Organisation (WHO):

Coronavirus (COVID-19)


Protective measures

Australian Government Health Direct:

Coronavirus (COVID-19) symptom checker

Australian Government:

Coronavirus (COVID-19) essential information 

New South Wales Government

International Student Welfare Services Hub

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Visitors to Sancta Temporarily Suspended


The local risk of COVID-19 has become higher in our local area this week, with three places close to Sancta needing to shut down and deep clean following confirmed or suspected cases in their visitors or students.  

  • Fort Street High School, Petersham
  • Frank’s Pizza, Parramatta Rd, Camperdown  
  • Thai Rock and Apollo Restaurants in Potts Point


With COVID-19 cases in the local area now a reality, we need to temporarily suspend all visitors into the College. It is also time to activate heightened vigilance in the way we interact with the outside world, as well as with one another. I ask you to take serious note of the current restrictions and testing advice aimed at keeping all of us safe:

  • No visitors are permitted entry into the College (from 30 July 2020). This includes parents, siblings and friends of returning students. (They can drive in to help you unload, but they must not enter Sancta’s buildings. If you need help bringing your belongings into your room, call your RA or an InRoom friend).
  • Residents are asked to practice heightened safety when outside of the College, by ensuring they maintain strict social distancing wherever they go, and where this is not possible, wearing a mask and ensuring hand hygiene.
  • Residents are asked to reconsider the need to venture out to hospitality venues. 
  • Small, COVIDSafe Sancta-only events onsite are welcome. If you have an idea for an event to connect with fellow residents, please contact staff to discuss how we make it happen, safely.


The importance of getting tested

If you have even the slightest tickle in your throat, feel lethargic or have a runny nose, we urge you to go and (carefully) take a COVID-19 test. No matter what the result of your test may be, knowing that answer helps to keep you and everyone else at Sancta safe.

If you have, by chance, been in the Potts Point or Petersham areas, or visited Frank’s Pizza in Camperdown, it is important that you pay attention to how you are feeling and get tested if you notice any possible symptoms.

More information is available on our website and the NSW Health website. We understand this is disappointing for many of our residents. Please know we will continue to monitor the local situation and lift this suspension as soon as it is safe to do so.

Fiona Hastings
College Principal

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Semester 2 Returns to College are Welcome


We have developed a way forward that allows for the gradual return of residents in coming months, provided that Australia continues to have an acceptably low COVID-19 community transmission rate. We agree that whilst we will continue to implement and review robust safety measures at the College, our plans will need to remain agile to what is happening in the broader community.  

  • Returns to Sancta will be welcome from Wednesday 17 June 2020.
  • Should Australia’s COVID-19 situation change for the worse in coming weeks, we may delay, modify or cancel residents’ planned returns.
  • All residents wishing to return must first familiarise themselves with the information below, then submit a request to return via our arrival booking form (see emails or noticeboard for arrival booking form link). Your request to return should be submitted at least seven days prior to your preferred arrival date. 
  • Information regarding fees in Semester 2 and other administrative matters will be available by next week.  


What you need to know 
Life at Sancta right now is different to what you left behind, and many of these changes must remain in place until it is safe to relax them further.  

  • All residents are expected to respect government guidelines pertaining to safe ways of living during the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes supporting all measures in place at Sancta regarding hygiene and social-distancing.
  • Whilst we are making every effort to make Sancta a safe, hygienic and well-prepared living environment for all, it is neither feasible nor within Sancta’s values to monitor and police resident behaviour at all times. There will be a high level of expectation upon each individual member of the Sancta community to act responsibly, call out recklessness and adjust to the changed ways of living and interacting here at Sancta.
  • At present, we continue to have a ‘no visitors’ and ‘no social events’ policy in place. We will review the necessity of these rules as time passes. It is hoped that restrictions such as these can be relaxed well before Semester 2 but, as with the return of students, we cannot be certain of our position next week, let alone in two months’ time.
  • It appears that most Intercollegiate competitions will resume in Semester 2, however, we cannot be sure of what each competition will look like.
  • It is important that, even with the currently low rate of community transmission, everyone understands and accepts that risk exists for all of us as we move through this pandemic. Residents with compromised immunity and underlying health conditions are advised to think carefully about the risks of returning to a communal living environment such as Sancta during a pandemic.   

What will we do if there is a confirmed COVID-19 case at Sancta?  

Firstly, we would immediately contact health authorities for advice; simultaneously, we would be seeking to isolate the confirmed case and their readily identified ‘close contacts’, whilst ensuring that all community members are kept informed as we seek to act on the official advice obtained. The past few months have allowed us to think through many scenarios, such as the need to engage external deep-cleaning services, rapidly change the food-servery model, and in the case of a significant outbreak – lockdown the College. Despite these drafted plans, we acknowledge that we are not a healthcare facility and thus would prioritise the advice of the local health unit in all instances.  

Fiona Hastings

College Principal

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