Now that you’ve completed your bachelor’s degree or equivalent, you’ll either be diligently looking for work or considering whether to continue your studies. Research suggests that postgraduates tend to earn more in their lifetimes than those with an undergraduate degree. If you intend to enrol in a postgraduate course at one of Australia’s top universities, you may have your sights set on Sydney city.

At Sancta Sophia College, we offer world-leading courses in fields including medicine, law, vet science, business, and commerce, and we also provide exceptional accommodation in the heart of Sydney’s university district. If you want to study alongside people from all corners of the globe as well as Sydney and broader Australia, then we’re worth your consideration.

Even if you don’t plan on studying one of our postgraduate courses, our housing is a smart choice for any postgraduate enrolled at a Sydney-based university. We’re within walking distance of the University of Sydney, University of Notre Dame, UTS and the city centre, and we accept applications from any postgraduate enrolled on a course at any of those establishments.

We’re frequently asked whether it’s better to live at home, in private accommodation or in postgraduate housing near Sydney University, which is why we’ve detailed some benefits of the latter option below.

The Advantages of Postgraduate Housing in Sydney

Perhaps the most significant benefit associated with postgraduate housing near USyd concerns your finances. Private houses and apartments in the city centre or near the university district can be expensive, but at Sancta, we boast some of the area’s best-value accommodation. However, staying with us is advantageous for more reasons than that:

  • Supportive Environment: At Sancta, we promote equality and respect for all, and there are plenty of professionals in our employment that can guide you through challenging experiences and deal with any issues you may experience. We also offer mentoring programmes, group study areas and many places to relax.
  • Convenient Location: You can easily walk to any of Sydney’s major universities from our campus, just as you can reach the city centre in under 10 minutes. You’ll never be too far away from your school, favourite entertainment venues and friends if you stay with us.
  • On-Site Facilities and Amenities: Depending on the housing you choose, you can enjoy an en-suite bathroom, work at a private desk, cook meals in a shared kitchen area and catch a good night’s rest on a comfortable bed. You can also take advantage of our common rooms, extra-curricular activities, and rooftop terrace.

Find out about Our Postgraduate Housing near the University of Sydney

As you can see from above, by staying at our postgraduate housing near Sydney city, you can do more than save money on accommodation. Thanks to our broad range of support programmes, shared facilities, and private spaces, we can help you get the most from your postgraduate studies. We accept applications from both male and female postgraduates, and we offer a variety of bursaries and scholarships. In addition to being more affordable than most private accommodation
options, we’re also better-value than many student housing alternatives, so call us today with any questions you may have.