Sancta Sophia College Offers the undergraduate housing USyd women need to thrive in today’s world. Founded in 1925 and with ties as far back as 1910, Sancta was founded on the ideologies that have shaped the world as we know it today. We offer resources to students to build a prosperous future at the University of Sydney. See our website for information on how to apply.

When you stay at Sancta, you can expect an experience that brings all cultures together to learn and progress. With events frequently happening all year for sports, arts, networking, social justice and more, you will be able to get involved with the university, the community, and the world. There is a formal dinner every Monday with a guest speaker, so you can keep yourself surrounded by intelligence and opportunity.

Undergraduate Housing in Sydney

On our premises, you will find some of the most tranquil undergraduate housing Sydney has to offer. You will have fresh linen, peaceful dorms, calming common areas, and refreshing rooftop views provided to you by the Sancta accommodation. Although peaceful, there is never a dull moment; we proudly host the Rosebowl Cup for sporting and the Palladian Cup for arts and music, as well as recreational sports events and a choir for good morale and team building.

While you prepare to join us for your upcoming semester, you can apply for scholarships that provide special programs and financial assistance. This is part of our inclusivity initiative; it is vital to us that we extend our resources to young self-funded students. You will find that Sancta Sophia College is one of the most affordable options for undergraduate housing Sydney University students can choose.

We call the student experience at Sancta a “Walk in Wisdom”. By helping you surround yourself with such a bounty of intellectual wealth, you will be able to learn something new about our world almost everywhere you go. For nearly a century, students have built their futures here. Every student’s contribution to life on our residency is a part of history and an integral part of our legacy.

A Home Away from Home

We are in the university district of Sydney, only a short stroll from the university’s classroom buildings; you will have a safe, effortless commute to class and back every day. Every student has the comfort and support they need to thrive at Sancta as if it were their home away from home. With clean standards and invaluable experiences, you will learn the keys to long-term success as a young adult.

We aim to continue to make history and help you become a part of it. You deserve to be a part of the legacy of Sancta Sophia College. With nearly infinite opportunities and paths to take, we are proud to be one of the most diverse places for undergraduate housing the University of Sydney has to offer.

Contact us or plan a visit; we are happy to bring you aboard the student legacy at Sancta Sophia College.