Sancta’s PhD Students

Graduate House is the ideal setting for PhD students, looking for more independent living within a supportive, active community.

In 2017, Sancta’s PhD students are studying in a diverse range of areas. 

My research, the the Faculty of Civil Engineering, focuses on how to understand and model the collaboration and engagement key stakeholders (Health Care Providers and Services) within the Australian health care system. A health care system is described as a network of health care providers working together to give the best possible care for patients. Julian uses social networks, or what is referred to as the laws of social physics and social systems, to understand how key stakeholders integrate – in other words, how the health care providers refer patients, provide team care arrangements, socialise and receive advice from each other

For PhD students to have a successful research journey, they require support from family and friends. Being away from home, I consider Sancta as my second home and everyone here as my family and friends. Having been at Sancta for almost 2 years, I always found the support I needed for my daily life activities and for my studies. 

Julian fares, PHD (civil engineering) STUDENT