Sancta Sophia is a Catholic college with students coming from a variety of Christian denominations and world religions.

Founded by the Sisters of the Sacre Coeur, the College was established to cater for young Catholic women in a university environment. It has remained true to this mission since its inception, whilst changing with student needs and evolving as the role of religion within today’s society changes.

Each Sunday evening an optional Mass is held in the Sancta Sophia College Chapel at 5.30pm. It is open to all students, but especially to those who choose to enjoy, and be involved in the College’s strong Catholic tradition.

College students regularly take an active role in the Masses providing readers, music, altar servers and Eucharistic Ministers.

The Archbishop of Sydney is the official visitor of the College. Each year there is the Archbishop’s Mass and Dinner. Every second year the successful candidate of the Archbishop’s Scholarship is announced. The scholarship is granted to a Sancta Sophia College student displaying outstanding academic achievement and involvement within the Catholic Church.