Annual Giving

“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.”

Since 1926, Sancta has been helping to develop young people of great character, this is as true today as it was when the College was founded.

Across Sancta’s years, philanthropy has always played a key role in helping us maintain our standing as a College of choice for students from Sydney, regional areas, interstate and internationally. Support from our alumni, parents and friends is essential for Sancta to be able to hold her head as an equal amongst the other Colleges on campus. 

To do this we need your help. 

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Together, we can assist more students through scholarship and bursaries so their transition to the College and their studies is well supported.

No contribution is too small. Support by generous alumni, parents and friends, is a major factor in our ability to remain a diverse, equitable College.
Sancta allocates every cent we receive from our wonderful donors to assisting our students – we do not keep any in reserve.

Our Catholic values make it imperative that we try to offer assistance to as many students as we possibly can.

This year, donations from our generous alumni have assisted 110 students. However, as the cost of university, as well as the cost of living in Sydney, rises, applications for scholarship and bursary assistance are many times the number we can help.

Your generosity will help us to help more students, improve their experience and update their surroundings – through scholarships and bursaries, better student programs and an improved living environment. Many alumni are already helping to support students through scholarships, please consider joining them to provide an opportunity to those who might otherwise miss out.

Could you help fund a scholarship so someone can afford to live at Sancta and have the opportunities that you had…? Your support is vital. Donate to Sancta here.


Archives Program

Together we can maintain and preserve our valuable historical records, photos and memorabilia to last a lifetime. This work is done by a specialist archivist.

Please consider supporting this program.


Excellence and Participation Scholarships

Sancta has been built on the strong foundations of talented students who are both academic and contribute to the College through sport, cultural endeavours and work on various committees.

The College recognises these students’ contribution by a scholarship/bursary program that commenced in 2016 for returning students who provide outstanding leadership for the other residents.

The scholarships are called Excellence and Participation Scholarships and are awarded to a minimum value of $1500 per year.

Many students work several jobs to support themselves through College and still contribute immensely to student life. With your help, we can ease some of the burden on them.

With your help, we have been able to award 15 Excellence and Participation Scholarships to worthy students for 2020. Thank you!

Your generosity ensures we are able to change the lives of these students in a tangible way, by helping them pay for books, equipment or a few weeks’ fees.


Why Give to the Annual Campaign?

Sancta Sophia College Annual Giving appeals to all members of the Sancta community for support that makes a difference in the lives of current students.

Unlike endowed funds, which are invested and generate support for specific longer-term purposes in perpetuity, Annual Giving plays a vital part in supporting the College today. Gifts to Annual Giving realise a wide variety of specific programs including student scholarships and bursaries, building and grounds refurbishment, library, archival, IT resources and program improvements.

All Annual Giving gifts go directly and immediately to fund those areas which may otherwise be delayed due to other financial obligations. Our current Annual Giving priorities and projects include:

  • Scholarships and bursaries
  • College resources, programs and facilities
  • Principal’s priorities

Your support is vital.

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Scholarships and Bursaries

Some Sancta students and their families are experiencing financial hardship as a result of the current economic climate or individual circumstances. We know that this is likely to continue for some time. You can help us to support these students and truly make a difference to their lives, through your gift to the bursary program. Through your generosity, we can respond to cases of genuine financial need.

For many years, Sancta Sophia College has provided a number of merit-based scholarships to new and continuing students, consisting of half scholarships (valued at around $10,000 depending on room allocation) and five entrance scholarships (each valued at $2,000). These scholarships have only been possible because of the generosity of alumni and College benefactors over a number of years.


We can do more

With your support, we can extend our scholarship program and offer more students the opportunity to join the Sancta community and enjoy the rich academic, cultural and social that is unique to Sancta.

We need your support for the Sancta Sophia College Scholarship and Bursary Fund. Through your generous gift, you can help to share the Sancta experience with other young women and men. Please make a gift today.

Your gift will allow Sancta to make a much-needed improvement to its Scholarship Program. All donations to the Sancta Sophia College are tax-deductible.

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