You want to make the best impression you can on the guests at your next event, so it’s vital that you choose to hold it in an appropriate venue. The Sydney function room you hire should establish an atmosphere that invites your guests to relax and places them in the kind of comfort they’re accustomed to so they can enjoy your event as much as possible. Choosing a function room for hire in Sydney that meets these criteria isn’t always easy, but Sancta Sophia College possesses numerous spaces fit for a large range of different occasions. Whether you’re planning a small and relatively informal gathering of close acquaintances or a lavish spectacle with hundreds of attendees, our facilities will be able to accommodate your needs.

How We Provide Sydney with Ideal Function Room Hire

Sancta Sophia College possesses some of the most visually striking indoor and outdoor spaces in the entire Sydney area, owing to our rich history and commitment to staying in touch with our roots. Our College was originally founded in the early 1920s as a Catholic women’s residential college, and it has remained a bastion for comprehensive and progressive education ever since. The splendour of our original architecture is largely intact as well—and while we’ve updated our facilities over the years to include modern amenities and contemporary creature comforts, the stately and luxurious aesthetic of our buildings and grounds remains the perfect setting for important events of many kinds.

What to Expect from Our Function Venue for Hire Options:

When you choose Sancta Sophia College for function room or venue hire in Sydney, you’ll be able to enjoy in-house catering and your choice of several different event spaces. Our options run the gamut from boardroom-style areas that are ideal for meetings and conferences, to much larger heritage rooms and outdoor areas that provide the ideal backdrop for weddings, galas, launch parties and other large-scale functions. Our available spaces include:

The Lower Common Room: a small and tastefully-decorated area well-suited to presentations and corporate meetings.
The Council Room: a somewhat larger and more ornate space for particularly important meetings or ceremonies.
The McDonald Room: an open, utilitarian space that can easily be configured for dining or presenting to a mid-sized audience.
The Shanahan Dining Room: adorned with a large, polished wooden table and chairs, plenty of windows for natural lighting, and a luxurious carpet, this upscale conference room provides undeniable comfort.
The Quadrangle: an expansive, manicured lawn surrounded by well-trimmed hedges makes the ideal outdoor space to celebrate important milestones with a sizeable crowd of people.
The Sheldon Dining Hall: this large and dignified space provides the perfect indoor space to address a large crowd during a meaningful occasion.
The Library: libraries have always radiated class, intelligence, and gravitas—and ours is no exception. Enter a world of sophistication when you hold your event in our gorgeous Athenaeum.

The perfect function venue for hire in Sydney awaits you at Sancta Sophia College. Contact us now and speak with someone on our staff who can provide you with more information.