At Sancta Sophia College, we provide clean, resourceful living quarters for young students attending the University of Sydney. We take pride in progressing culture while embracing the timeless values upon which our residential college was founded in 1925.

Students from all walks of life come from all over the world to join the legacy of the historically-renowned undergraduate accommodation Sydney University is proud to offer today. You will meet people like yourself who are studying in Sydney to strive for fulfilling careers and successful futures.

We understand the stressful factors of planning a future, and so we offer many means of ensuring an affordable experience for any student interested in this residence. With the appropriate documents prepared, undergraduates who wish to apply to Sancta can apply for scholarships and financial assistance. Students from all walks of life come to Sancta to live and study.

Undergraduate accommodation for University of Sydney students

We offer undergraduate accommodation for University of Sydney students who need to live cleanly and excel. Lodging includes fresh linens, room furniture, Wi-Fi, and communal lounges, kitchen facilities, and tea stations. Located in the heart of Sydney’s university district, the entirety of USyd campus is only a short walking commute away.

Enjoy self-served meals in our dining hall, where we also have classical performances and other exciting stage presences from time to time. We have private meeting and banquet rooms, which we occasionally use for student life events involving institutional groups, local coalitions and social justice and cultural gatherings.

We are undoubtedly the most unique and undisturbed undergraduate accommodation Sydney has to offer. You will be able to enjoy rooftop views, peaceful courtyards, and countless activities and events involving sporting and social action. The Sancta campus brings all types of people harmoniously together; there is something to learn about your world around every corner.

Tutorial Services

To help you ensure success, we offer tutorial services at no extra cost. You can find mentors to help you understand your school material and excel in your institutional duties. Alongside networking events where you can connect with students of all majors, you will have the resources you need to excel in your home away from home.

Sancta Sophia College is an undergraduate accommodation Usyd offers to women and women only, to create a safe residential experience for women to feel at home while attending university. Sancta was founded in 1925 as a residential college for women exclusively, and our undergraduate program holds true to its roots. However, our postgrad program is now open to both male and female students.

Every Monday, there is a formal dinner on campus, featuring a guest speaker. We hold these to unite and enlighten resident students. These traditions are instilled to bring success and virtue to residing students.

We proudly assure that all the accommodation you need as a young student to make the most of your University of Sydney experience are available at Sancta. Our campus is a multiculturally inclusive residence that allows everyone the ability to meet and learn with people from all over the world, and you will live cleanly and be well-fed while you study. With tutorials, networking events, speakers, and plenty of proud alumni from around the world, you are bound to have an experience at Sancta that will change your life. We suggest you apply now, while we are still accepting applications.