A party should make all your guests feel joyous and carefree—and the best way to accomplish that is to hold it in a venue where they’ll be cared for at all times. Choosing a location for your upcoming celebration will lay the groundwork for its success, so it’s extremely important to consider party halls for hire in Sydney carefully when you set out to rent one. Sancta Sophia College can provide you with the perfect environment in which to dress up, let down your hair, or cut a rug—however you prefer to celebrate (please note: we strongly advise you not to literally cut any of our rugs, unless you’re prepared to replace them).

Why Consider Our Party Halls for Hire in Sydney?

Our College is one of the oldest and most recognisable institutions of higher learning in all of Sydney, and one look at our facilities is enough to prove it. We began as a residential college for Catholic women in the early 1920s but have evolved through time to blossom into the largest established Postgraduate community in the Sydney area. Through it all, our impressive buildings and beautifully-cultivated grounds have remained to signal our prestige to the world—but today, they also hold many areas available for party room hire by Sydney residents. When you have something meaningful to celebrate, why not choose to do it in an environment that will underscore the importance of what you and those you love have accomplished?

How We Approach Sydney Party Venue Hire

We offer no less than seven separate facilities for party venue hire in Sydney, all of which radiate taste, class, elegance and charm in their own distinct ways. When you end your hunt in Sydney for party venue hire at Sancta Sophia College, you’ll benefit from the following perks:

The ability to enjoy our high-end in-house catering and provide spectacular food for yourself and your guests during the event.
The charm that you can only obtain inside structures as rich in history and architectural detail as our century-old buildings.
Clean fixtures and modern conveniences that allow you to enjoy new-world luxury amid old-world splendour.
A convenient, easily-accessible location on our campus, which ensures that your guests should have no trouble reaching your event.

We understand how vital it is that you set your next event in the right place, so we provide comprehensive support for your party venue hiring experience from start to finish. Whether you’re trying to plan a quiet celebration for a few close friends and family members, or a gala event for a whole crowd of revellers and well-wishers, our friendly staff will be there to assist you as best they can.

Enjoy the hospitality of Sancta Sophia College at your next event—plan your party with us and hire one of our upscale venues to provide it with the perfect backdrop. For more information, contact us directly and learn more about everything we offer.