Choosing single-sex student accommodation at Usyd can be a smart move. Plenty of research has shown the advantages of all-female or all-male housing ranging from higher self-confidence to stronger academic achievement. At Sancta Sophia College, we offer all-female student accommodation near Sydney University for our undergraduate residents – here are some of the benefits.

A relaxed environment

Although our student residents take their studies very seriously and work hard to achieve their goals, the atmosphere here is more relaxed than that of most co-ed housing facilities. One reason for this relaxed environment is that female students don’t have to worry about making an impression on the opposite sex; they are free to be themselves and feel more able to speak openly. They feel less pressure to avoid embarrassment, and as such, they may be more willing to take risks such as speaking out in a study group, helping enhance their academic performance.

Fewer cliques

It isn’t always true, but all-female student accommodation can often produce fewer cliques than co-ed options. Because the female residents aren’t concerned with impressing boys, they are free from the pressure of trying to appear that they fit in and they can instead focus on their studies. They also often feel more open to making new female friends, and the result can be fewer cliques and a great feeling of inclusiveness and support.

Less gender stereotyping

Female students at Sancta’s women-only Usyd accommodation often find that they can gravitate toward non-traditional subjects without embarrassment or uncertainty. For example, girls may be interested in science or maths but unsure about the prospect of studying such a male-heavy subject; choosing all-female accommodation can give them the opportunity to meet lots of like-minded female students to study and network with for the support and encouragement they need.

A great feeling of safety

It’s extremely important to feel safe and at home in your student accommodation. If you are concerned about safety, you won’t be as focused on your studies, and you may find it more difficult to remain in your accommodation for the duration of your time at university – and a move will disrupt your coursework and take valuable time away from your academics. Women who stay in a single-sex environment generally find that they feel safer, more secure, and more relaxed, allowing them to concentrate on their academic pursuits.

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