Your surroundings will have a profound influence on your life and studies at USYD, so choosing on campus accommodation will be one of the most important decisions you make before you begin your academic career. Sydney University campus accommodation comes in several different forms, but arguably none are more beautiful or serene than the pristine grounds and stately heritage buildings of Sancta Sophia College. Our residences are designed to provide a safe and comfortable space for our female undergraduate students while supplying them with access to important amenities and an atmosphere that will facilitate higher learning.

Who Can Benefit from Our USYD On Campus Accommodation?

At Sancta Sophia College, we have several different forms of housing. Our graduate house provides a limited number of comfortable ensuites for casual guests throughout the year, featuring spacious rooms with modern layouts. Meanwhile, undergraduate students at the University of Sydney who need student accommodation on a long-term basis will enjoy the same level of luxury and have access to the following areas:

Self-serve culinary areas that make it easy to prepare snacks or entire meals as needed
● A dining hall with plenty of space and a friendly atmosphere for eating and drinking together
● A relaxing common room with thick carpets, leather sofas and plenty of natural light
● A separate and more-intimate dining room intended specifically for smaller, more exclusive
● A full chapel where students can come for peace of mind and quiet refuge
● A peaceful, well-tended quad full of fresh air and greenery that provides an escape and an
opportunity to commune with nature without having to travel long distances from campus

Sancta Sophia College: Standing at the End of a Long Tradition of Excellence

One of our highest priorities at Sancta Sophia College is to provide University of Sydney on campus accommodation that will keep our valued students happy and content. We hope that you’ll find your home away from home with us and that your surroundings empower you to grow in the best possible ways during your tenure at our college. Our 300-strong student community is a diverse group of individuals from a wide variety of locations and backgrounds—some in Australia, and with
others all over the world. At Sancta Sophia College, we do everything we can to make sure that all of you will be united by your shared drive for excellence, and by thriving together in an environment that always supports your needs.

You deserve to stay in surroundings that enhance your experience at our institution, so consider Sydney University on campus accommodation at Sancta Sophia College. Whether you’re a visitor looking for luxurious temporary housing at prices below those charged by hotels, or an undergraduate student seeking a safe, comfortable, and supportive place to live while you embark upon your studies, Sancta Sophia College has something for you. Contact us at your first available
opportunity to learn more about everything we can offer.