Where you live has a significant impact on everything else you do in life. As a student, you can’t afford to be distracted by noisy neighbours, curious folks, leaky roofs, and other problems that can steal your focus. Certainly, you can’t trade precious hours that could be spent studying or meeting new friends by working more extended hours to pay rent for an expensive flat. If you thought it wasn’t possible to get USyd student accommodation, that’s not the case. Sancta offers on campus accommodation at the University of Sydney for students such as yourself.

Sancta Offering Quality and Affordability in USyd Student Housing

Our student accommodation is right where you need it to be, in the heart of the University of Sydney. With our residences, you are only 10 minutes away from Sydney’s Central Business District. You’ll have a clear mind to study surrounded by amenities that are not only useful such as the library and lounges but lovely, as many of our views reflect our beautiful heritage grounds, buildings, and greenery. Some of our views even display Sydney’s stunning city skyline.

You’ll appreciate the uniqueness and style of our rooms. They’re contemporary and sleek, offering you the opportunity to personalise your room or enjoy as it is. Each room has everything you need, being fully stocked with linen, a wardrobe, desk, chair and more. Whether you have a shared room or one of your own, you’ll have plenty of space to breathe and focus on your studies. If you want to find somewhere else to catch a breath, we also have a lounge and outdoor areas, such as the Peace Quad. There’s no end to the spaces you can find to study or simply relax.

We make our prices affordable so that everyone who’s a student can access our accommodation. Provided you’re enrolled in higher education at a Sydney institution; you can qualify for our housing accommodation. Browse our website, and you’ll see our prices are difficult to beat. Our fees are even better since they cover a range of services, such as academic mentoring. If you find that your financial situation is dire, you may qualify for scholarships and bursaries that are available.

A Social Residence That’s Safe and Fosters Community

Besides affordability, another important thing you want when looking for USyd student housing is safety. Just as distracting and bothersome as neighbours yelling or a drippy faucet, is having an uncomfortable feeling regarding your surroundings.

Our college is only accessible through security cards 24/7 and visitors are required to register upon arrival. During the night, our resident assistants are on duty, assisting throughout the college. The principal and vice principal live on campus and remain on call after business hours. Along with this are local medical centres minutes away, including the University of Sydney Medical Centre.

Our undergraduate housing is also an exclusively female environment that fosters a community where girls around Sydney, regional Australia, other capital cities and from overseas can feel safe, comfortable, and at home. Our postgrad includes men and is just as diverse.

The sky’s the limit to what you can accomplish with on-campus accommodation at Sancta. Contact us today to find your place in the heart of Sydney.