Sancta Places 2nd in Rosebowl Cup

The Rosebowl Cup, an intercollegiate female sporting competition, involves five colleges: St. Andrew’s, St. John’s. Wesley, Women’s and Sancta Sophia College. 

By the end of semester one, through hard work and dedication, Sancta stood ahead of Women’s, Wesley and St. John’s in 2nd place.

The hockey team’s remarkable achievement of placing 2nd was the highlight of semester one sports. Sancta’s outstanding efforts carried into semester two, with the College landing 2nd in soccer. 

Finally, Sancta ended the season with a tremendous victory in athletics, dominating the competition and finishing in 1st place.

By the end of the year, the culmination of these triumphs led to Sancta proudly placing 2nd in the Rosebowl Cup overall. 

On the 15 October, Sancta celebrated its fantastic 2018 sporting achievements by hosting a Victory Dinner. 

Key Sancta sportspeople were thanked for their dedication and continuous efforts at the Cultural and Sports Dinner and Valedictory in October; these included Most Valued Player (MVP) and Contribution awards. One of the most notable awards of the evening was Sportswoman of the Year which was received by postgraduate Nursing student Caitlin Rachel O’Shea. 

The remarkable success of Sancta Sophia College in the 2018 Rosebowl Cup is a direct result of the hard work, determination, and willingness of all the team members, coaches and secretaries supporting the teams. The Sancta community is very proud of their efforts and success. Furthermore, a big thanks goes to Sancta Sports Secretary, Lucy Edwards, whose constant hard work and organisation ensured an incredible 2018 in sport for Sancta. 



  • 1st in Athletics
  • 2nd in Soccer
  • 2nd in Hockey
  • 3rd in Netball
  • 3rd in Swimming
  • 3rd in Rowing
  • 5th in Tennis
  • 5th in Basketball


MVP awards:

  • Louise Vincent – Netball
  • Mackenzie Smith – Swimming
  • Georgina Harrison – Tennis
  • Sarah Pearson – Rowing
  • Phoebe McGeoch – Soccer
  • Penelope King – Hockey
  • Madigan Aranda – Athletics
  • Emily Mathews – Basketball


Contribution awards:

  • Eliza McGowan – Netball
  • Amy Phillips – Swimming
  • Jess Kong – Tennis
  • Amelia Bryant – Rowing
  • Katie Merriman Soccer
  • Jessie Ambler – Hockey
  • Abbey Connor – Athletics
  • Georgia Potter – Basketball


Sydney University Sport and Fitness – Official Website and Results 

By Dana Atallah

Sancta Resident and Marketing and Development Intern