Council and Management

Many notable citizens of The University of Sydney and Sydney have served as Councillors: including Sir Mark Sheldon, Dame Constance D’Arcy, Chancellor Sir Charles McDonald, Mr Justice William Sheldon and Dr Dora Bye.

The College is a statutory body corporate under the Sancta Sophia College Incorporation Act 1929 and is governed by its own “board of directors” independently of the University.

The ‘board of directors’ is a Council of 15 members and the Principal. Membership of the council is by election for a term of service of 7 years.

The link between the College and the Catholic Church is maintained by the role of Visitor (held by the Archbishop of Sydney), a role instituted in universities when the Church established the Universities. Three priests are members of the Council.

All Councillors volunteer their service and bring their own professional expertise (academic, educational, pastoral, medical, legal, financial and managerial) to the wonderful work that the College achieves. Many Councillors have been students of the College and view the term of their service as an opportunity to return something to the College.

Students are represented on a Council committee and bring first-hand accounts of College events to the attention of Councillors. Their presence at Council committee meetings gives them an insight into the issues of governance and administration which concern the Council.

The Principal is accountable to the Council, which is ultimately responsible for the governance of the College.

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