Leadership and Career Development

The personal and professional development of our students is a key concern at Sancta, where many programs aim to enhance students’ ability to be leaders in the community and in their future career paths

Leadership Programs

We introduce students to leadership initiatives, foster leadership development and support students to attend leadership programs.

These opportunities may include:


In addition, many students take on the role of Welcome Week Leaders each year, assisting undergraduate students who are new to Sancta and honing their own leadership skills.


Professional and Career Support Program

The College offers events where students connect with alumni and other professionals in their particular fields. An effort is made to ensure that Formal Dinner guest speakers are relevant and provide valuable guidance. Speakers have come from all levels of government, Ernst and Young, Projects Abroad, United Future Foundation, Sydney University Careers Centre and the Compass Program.


Employment and Voluntary Opportunities

Students may apply for work as a tutor or resident assistant. These opportunities are advertised to students throughout the year.

Students may also take advantage of volunteering opportunities at the College and gain skills via voluntary work. These include the leadership and committee roles, being an ambassador for the College, photography, graphic design, sponsorship, pre-event administration, merchandising, and promotional events.

We aim to offer opportunities that provide valuable experience and work to add to your portfolio and curriculum vitae.



This program is open and available for all Sancta residents who are serious about their career development and want to establish/grow their network of professional contacts.

We can help to connect you with a member of our global alumni community who can mentor you in your studies and career ambitions.

A mentee does not always have to be partnered with a mentor who is working in exactly the same field the mentee aspires to, and mentees can certainly benefit from mentoring even if they are unsure of what they want to do in the future. For example, they may be interested in spending time with somebody who has a particular skillset (interpersonal or technical) that they want to develop, despite not wishing to work in the same field or profession.

To learn more, contact the Office of Marketing and Development at [email protected].