Sancta offers residential scholarships for equity and excellence

Every new student is given the opportunity to apply for scholarships when completing their application for residency. Returning students are invited to apply for scholarships in the lead up to each new academic year. 



26 September 2021

Applications Due

To be considered for all available scholarships in 2022, submit your completed residency and scholarship application by this date.

Applications submitted after this date will be considered for Round 2 offers. 

29 October 2021

Round 1 Conditional Scholarship Offers

Successful applicants will be offered scholarships from this date on the condition they meet scholarship requirements once university offers are made in late 2021/early 2022.

21 January 2022

Round 2 Scholarship Offers

Sancta will confirm (or reject) any conditional scholarship offers for 2022 and allocate any vacant scholarships. 


Available Scholarships and Bursaries

Scholarships take the form of full or partial remission of fees and are funded by our generous private donors. Bursaries exist to support students who experience financial need whilst at College. 

Students fitting one or more of the below criteria are encouraged to explore our 2022 Scholarships and Bursaries Guide:   

  • Academic high performers
  • Students with financial need
  • Students with exceptional talent in sport / creative and performing arts / debating and oration and other cultural endeavours
  • Medicine students
  • Law students
  • STEM (Science/Engineering/Technology/Mathematics) students
  • Arts students
  • Veterinary Science/Agriculture/Sustainability students
  • Students with a genuine commitment to social justice and/or to the spiritual life of the College
  • Students exhibiting strong leadership skills and the capacity to contribute positively to the culture of Sancta


Scholarship criteria

Scholarships are awarded based on one or more of the below criteria:

  • Academic merit – school or university results
  • Financial need (measured and defined in a number of different ways and may be based on factors such as family financial circumstances, student self-funding or significant academic demand preventing part-time work)
  • Capacity to contribute to the community life of the College (academic, cultural, liturgical, social justice, sporting)
  • Leadership experiences and skills 
  • Special conditions set out by the donor of the scholarship (see 2022 Scholarships and Bursaries Guide)


Scholarship applications for new students are part of the general online application

For any general information about scholarships or the application process, contact Mia Trinidad, Dean of Admissions and Studies.



Candidates for all scholarships must complete the procedures for entrance into College, the online Sancta Sophia College Scholarship application form and submit supporting documentation as appropriate such as a Tax Notice of Assessment for financial status. Failure to provide supporting documentation means the College will not consider your application for a scholarship or other support. 

Scholarships are paid on a semester basis towards students’ accommodation costs. Sancta reserves the right to award a scholarship as we see fit. 

External scholarships and bursaries

University of Sydney

The University of Sydney offers an extensive scholarship program. Many College residents apply for and are awarded grants based on outstanding ability, overseas study, Indigenous student programs, remote living access, faculty-specific programs, and many other federal and state awards. You are invited to visit the University of Sydney website for further details.

Or contact:

  • The Scholarships Unit
  • Room 147 Ground Floor, Mackie Building (K01) The University of Sydney NSW 2006 T: 02 9351 2717 F: 02 9351 5134 E: [email protected]
  • Alternatively, phone the Help Line on 1300 362 006.
  • Information on scholarships available to international students is available on the University of Sydney website.


University of Technology Sydney (UTS)

Information on scholarships and financial assistance for UTS students is available on the University of Technology Sydney website.


Australian Catholic University

Information on scholarships for students at the Australian Catholic University may be found on the Australian Catholic University website.


The University of Notre Dame

Information on scholarships and financial assistance for Notre Dame students is available on the University of Notre Dame website.


AIEF-BHP Billiton Tertiary Scholarships

AIEF-BHP Billiton Tertiary Scholarships are awarded to outstanding Indigenous students undertaking engineering and other mining-related degrees, who aspire to work for BHP Billiton and to one day become leaders in the business.

Students living or planning to live in residential (tertiary residential college) and non-residential (private) accommodation apply for the scholarship, which provides financial assistance and ongoing professional development and career support from AIEF and BHP Billiton, including opportunities to apply for the BHP Billiton Australian Undergraduate and Foundations for Graduates Programs. See more:


Royal Agricultural Society of NSW

The Royal Agricultural Society of NSW (RAS) provides several scholarships each year to students who show a commitment and desire to contribute to rural NSW. Click here to learn more about the RAS Foundation Rural Scholarships.