Sancta’s strong commitment to student academic and social support is underpinned by research evidence which indicates the value of engagement and support for students


Pastoral Care

The Principal and Vice Principal live at the College, providing constant support for all residents. The pastoral care team also includes a Chaplain and Sister Mary Shanahan, former College Principal, who are both available for students. There is a Senior Tutor, Senior RA and RAs as part of the pastoral care staff.


Resident Assistant Program

Sancta’s Resident Assistants (RAs) assist the Principal and Vice Principal in providing pastoral care, academic support and building a strong sense of community within the College.

Each student in College is allocated a Resident Assistant throughout their time at Sancta. RAs are residents of the College community and are trained in emergency procedures, first aid, mental health and College operations.

RAs provide students with information, support and pastoral assistance. They also provide administrative support and security outside of office hours, weekends and public holidays by being the first point of contact for students. The Senior RA and Senior Tutor are part of the pastoral care team. RAs are critical in providing support for first-year students as they settle into College.