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Sancta’s alumni have contributed to the next generation of students at the College since our earliest days.

You have provided young women and men with the opportunity to experience College life, be supported through their university studies whilst they are away from home and provided them with a welcoming environment through your ongoing generosity.

Our alumni have a strong tradition of supporting the students at the College. Please consider making a gift or volunteering for one of our many committees to continue this great tradition.


More than ever your support is needed for the students at Sancta Sophia, be those who are just starting or those who need some assistance to remain part of our community

If you would like to make a contribution to the future of our students and the College please donate online.

Gifts are tax deductible and may be spread over several years. If you feel you would like to support Sancta in a significant way, please contact the College’s Marketing and Development Manager on +61 2 9577 2147. We would be delighted to share more extensively with you the College’s plans for the future and discuss with you how your philanthropic gift can make a real difference in the lives of many students.

Through a range of scholarships and bursaries, bright and talented students are able to join the Sancta community – bringing richness and diversity to the College.

Attending University is a big step for many students. If this is combined with moving from a rural or international community to the city and/or away from family support to a wider social network – the collegiate community at Sancta Sophia can be the difference between success and failure for many students.

Sancta’s students move on to significant careers, where they make a real impact in their chosen fields – from the law, medicine, vet science, nursing, business and the arts. Being able to support students reach their academic goals and develop their whole being whilst at College is one of Sancta’s enduring contributions.

Imagine if we could offer more students the opportunities that life at Sancta Sophia College affords? You can make the difference to so many students through your support for Sancta.

Donate to Sancta here.


Some Sancta students and their families are experiencing financial hardship as a result of the current economic climate or individual circumstances. We know that this is likely to continue for some time. You can help us to support these students and truly make a difference to their lives. Through your generosity we can respond to cases of genuine financial need.

For many years, Sancta Sophia College has provided a number of merit based scholarships to new and continuing students, consisting of half scholarships (valued at around $10,000 depending on room allocation) and entrance scholarships (each valued at $2,500). These scholarships have only been possible because of the generosity of alumni and College benefactors over a number of years.


With your support we can extend our scholarship program and offer more students the opportunity to join the Sancta community and enjoy the rich academic, cultural and social that is unique to Sancta.

We need your support for the Sancta Sophia College Scholarship and Bursary Fund. Through your generous gift, you can help to share the Sancta experience with other young women and men. Please make a gift today.

Your gift will allow Sancta to make a much needed improvement to its Scholarship Program. All donations to the Sancta Sophia College are tax-deductible. Donate to Sancta here.

Sancta is a registered charity. 

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