International Student Accommodation Sydney

International Student Accommodation in Sydney – Affordable and Well-Situated

Our international student accommodation in Sydney has all the benefits for academic excellence in a distraction-free environment while offering essential perks. Sancta exemplifies cosmopolitan Sydney by welcoming non-Australian students from all over the world, with the only qualifying criterion being enrolment in a university in the city. The Graduate House offers accommodation exclusively for postgrads in a mixed-gender building.

Applications for residency in 2025 (full year) are being accepted now. We encourage all international applicants to apply as soon as possible, and well before they receive confirmation of their university enrolment.

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Accommodation for Undergrad and Postgrad Students at Sydney University Campus

The extensive list of benefits to students staying at the Graduate House for postgrads or the Main Building for undergrads includes:

  • Catered meals
  • Full memberships to student programs
  • Mentoring and tutoring
  • Pastoral care and support
  • Intercollege sporting and cultural programs.

These benefits make Sancta the perfect accommodation for foreign students seeking to further their knowledge at a Sydney university, at an affordable price.

If you require University of Sydney international student accommodation, make sure you apply for lodgings at Sancta as soon as you begin applying to uni. Due to high demand for accommodation, we’ve adapted our admissions process in order to make it easier for students to reserve their place at College prior to receiving their university offer. We also have scholarships available for deserving students.

We welcome international students to our residential community, wholeheartedly. Our aim is for every student to immerse themselves fully in Australian and College culture.

International applicants are encouraged to apply to Sancta as soon as they begin enquiring to study at the University of Sydney, the University of Technology Sydney, or the University of Notre Dame Sydney. Exchange and study abroad students are also welcome to apply. 

If you have any questions about applying to live at Sancta as an International Student, simply contact our Dean of Admissions.


Life as an international student at Sancta

Mitchell Tung
Canadian International Postgraduate Student 2018 – 2019

“I have come to realise that studying abroad is more than just earning a degree or exploring a new place – it’s about learning to be alone.”

Sancta alumnus, Mitchell Tung, addresses a large audience of newly arrived international students at Sancta’s Welcome to Sydney event hosted in collaboration with The University of Sydney.

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France-Marie Nott
French Exchange Undergraduate Student 2020

“What I enjoyed most about Sancta was the spirit of community. Welcome Week was absolutely fantastic – I met so many new people in just a week and the activities were fun! I also really enjoyed Formal Dinners where the whole College gathers to spend time together once a week for a special dinner.”

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Femke Hoogkamer
Dutch Exchange Undergraduate Student 2019

“When I was doing research about student accommodation in Sydney, Sancta really stood out as a nice, friendly community with a diverse mix of domestic and international students. I was drawn to this since I would be far away from home in the Netherlands and I wanted to meet Australians.”

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Jed Endaya
Canadian International Postgraduate Student 2018 – 2019

“Of all the people I met in my university program, the ones who also lived at Sancta became my closest friends. They became my family in Australia and were there for me during my happiest moments and struggling moments (e.g. exam season).”

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Jannicke Martin
German Exchange Undergraduate 2019

“Coming from Europe, I was tired of only learning about trans-Atlantic relations rather than having a more holistic education about global politics. Sydney offered me a wider spectrum of courses and a less Eurocentric perspective.”

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Paige Billow
USA Exchange Undergraduate Student 2019

“I chose Sydney because it is in such a beautiful and unique location, with beaches, mountains, city, and amazing wildlife right at the doorstep. I chose Sancta because I wanted to be a part of a community of people I could become friends with during my time abroad.”

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Flavia Charlton
Spanish Undergraduate Exchange Student 2018

“There are so many opportunities to meet new people and spend time with your friends, such as dining together, competing in Intercollege competitions and enjoying all that Sydney has to offer. You’re never alone here.”

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Wenbo Song
Chinese International Postgraduate Student 2018

“Living at Sancta has allowed me to engage authentically with a lot of Australians; I’ve learned a lot about the culture and have found everyone to be very friendly. We are a diverse community with students from other countries as well, so I feel my cross-cultural communication has grown significantly as a result of living here.”

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Nina Colpaert
Belgian Exchange Postgraduate Student 2017

“Sancta is the perfect place for adding an extra dimension to an exchange experience. Meeting locals and other internationals is wonderful, especially in the context of a college. I also believe that Sancta offers more stability and warmth than would some other residencies.”

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Juliette Suermondt
Dutch Exchange Undergraduate Student 2018

“What I love about Sancta is that you never have to be alone. You will always find people to sit with during breakfast, lunch and dinner and you can always roam around the college and find people to chill with. Everyone is very welcoming, which makes it easy to make new friends.”

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