Meeting Sancta’s International Students: Flavia Charlton

Spanish Undergraduate Exchange Student, Flavia Charlton, Reflects on Her Sancta Journey

August 2018

Degree: Bachelor of Commerce and International Relations, Universidad Ponteficia de Comillas, Madrid

Arrived in Australia: February 2018

Departed Australia: July 2018

Road to Sancta

My mother is Spanish and my father is English. I attended boarding school in England and my father went to College during his university years at Cambridge. I had always wanted to come to Australia and my degree included a study abroad component, so naturally I chose Sydney. When researching accommodation options, Sancta appealed to me because it was a safe environment where I would have the opportunity to meet lots of Australians and learn more about the culture.

Difference between life in Spain and Australia

The people here are more calm, more chilled. Even in the way they dress – it’s a very calm culture.

Best thing about Sancta

Aside from the freedom and independence it has allowed me (having only ever lived with my parents or at boarding school), I have made some beautiful friends from all over Australia and other countries who have become like family here at Sancta. There are so many opportunities to meet new people and spend time with your friends, such as dining together, competing in Intercollege competitions and enjoying all that Sydney has to offer. You’re never alone here.

Best thing about Sydney

The beaches. They’re all so beautiful and so close by. The closest beach to Madrid is in Valencia – nearly a four-hour drive.

Advice for future exchange students

First of all – make sure you do it. And choose a country that will be significantly different to your own – where people speak a different language and offer you the opportunity to have your understanding of the world challenged and expanded. When you get there – don’t spend all of your time with friends from the same country or culture – make an effort to meet new people.

Ambitions for the future

I want my double degree to give me the scope to forge a career in international business and/or finance. I can see myself in management or consulting. I would love to find a graduate opportunity in Sydney in the future.

Tourist advice for Madrid

See as much culture as you can. You must go to Museum Prado, Directiro Park and to Plaza Mayor to have a “bocarillo de calamaris” – a calamari sandwich!

Standout memory of Sancta

Our weekly Formal Dinners. I found this tradition to be very interesting and enjoyable.

Message to Sancta community

I would like to thank Sancta for my time here, I’ve really enjoyed it. It feels like home.


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