Professionals in Residence

Professionals-in-Residence is a key initiative of Sancta’s long-term aim – to be a hub for the world’s brightest scholars and professionals to live and learn together

“Our position within Sydney’s healthcare and academia hub makes us of benefit to more than just university students” – Sancta Principal, Fiona Hastings

Professionals-in-Residence brings professionals in their early years of practice or research into our community of university scholars. This builds upon our culture of knowledge-sharing and peer support, whilst adding a deeper layer of experience to the community. Each year, up to 20 working professionals will call Sancta’s Graduate House “home”. 

Professionals-in-Residence benefit from the absolute convenience of living at Sancta – which includes all meals catered, room servicing and excellent proximity to Sydney’s major healthcare facilities and universities.

Expressions of interest from Sydney-based healthcare professionals, and academic staff of Sydney universities, to participate in our Professionals-in-Residence program at Sancta in 2024 and 2025 are currently closed. 


What is Professionals-In-Residence?

  • Living at Sancta gives time and convenience back to busy professionals, with the inclusion of all meals, room servicing, gym membership and excellent proximity to Sydney’s major healthcare facilities and universities
  • Healthcare professionals and academics reside in Sancta’s Graduate House in a long-term accommodation arrangement (three-month minimum stay with flexible contract options) 
  • Starting from $92 per day*, residents have their own single share ensuite room, all meals catered (21 meals per week with take-away options) and the vibrant community experience enjoyed at Sancta (*subject to change). 
  • Professional residents provide informal mentorship to students studying in their knowledge areas and support academic events and initiatives 


“Being at College should be first and foremost about intellectual pursuit and learning from others and oneself. Our professional residents are here to share their wisdom, inspire respectful debate and motivate students to continue on to rewarding careers, research and further study. They raise the bar in terms of our academic culture.” – Sancta Principal, Fiona Hastings


Who is eligible?

We welcome expressions of interest from any of the following:

  • Academic staff and researchers working at Sydney-based universities in any faculty, such as Arts and Social Sciences, Medicine and Health, Science, Mathematics, Engineering, Law, Veterinary Medicine, Business and Architecture. 
  • Healthcare professionals working in Sydney healthcare settings. Example professions include: 
  • Allied Health Professionals
  • Dentists / Oral Health Professionals
  • Doctors 
  • Nurses
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Paramedics
  • Physiotherapists 
  • Psychologists
  • Social Workers
  • Surgeons

Additional criteria

  • Currently within first 5 years of professional / postgraduate-level research practice
  • Commitment to Sancta values and community standards
  • Commitment to actively contributing to the Sancta community through positive engagement with other residents and support of the academic mentoring program with respect to your knowledge area. (During the academic semester, it is expected that, when available, you will attend relevant faculty events and formal dinners).
  • Provision of proof of employment and professional accreditation