Senior Common Room

The Senior Common Room fosters academic discourse, aims to create a strong community spirit and assists postgraduate residents to take full advantage of College life

The Senior Common Room (SCR) is the representative body for postgraduate residents at Sancta. The SCR exists to ensure that postgraduate students are represented in the organisation of the College and to provide opportunities for leadership, academic, social, social justice, sport and cultural activities.

Like the Undergraduate House Committee, members of the SCR take on specific roles as well as deal with generalised matters and the running of postgraduate student functions and events held at Sancta.

All postgraduate residents are encouraged to approach SCR members regarding any areas requiring discussion and may make a request to attend a meeting to present issues, ideas or concerns.

2020 Senior Common Room




Sports Representative

Cultural Representative

Social Justice Representative

Social Representative

CJ Armstrong

Daniel van der Merwe

Casey Allen



Emma Tirabosco