About Sancta

Sancta Sophia College is a place to call home for undergraduate and postgraduate students studying in Sydney.

Sancta Student Snapshot 2024

  • Our 215 undergraduate women come from 107 different high schools, three quarters of which (71%) are based in regional and rural NSW, interstate or overseas.
  • More than half (53%) of our 89 postgraduate residents (of all genders) are international students, joining us from all over the world.
  • Only 29% of our undergraduate women are from the Greater Sydney region (which includes the Central Coast, Illawarra, and Blue Mountains).
  • Sancta residents come from over sixteen different faith backgrounds, including agnostic.
  • 80% of Sancta residents engage in part-time work to contribute to their residential fees.
  • More than half of Sancta residents are receiving scholarships, bursaries and/or government financial support to live at Sancta.


Our residents study at various universities in Sydney. Together, we are a vibrant group of scholars and professionals that study, research and teach in nearby university and healthcare settings.

Our visually breathtaking heritage building is for undergraduate women studying at universities across Sydney, and our modern Graduate House building is home to postgraduate students and academics of all genders. Together, our community members contribute to and benefit from our celebrated academic program which promotes achievement through mentoring, debate, inquiry and collaboration. 

Knowledge-sharing within and across academic and professional disciplines takes place not only in our various study sessions and debates, but in daily life whereby residents dine and socialise together. Maturity and respect for Sancta’s values are expected of all community members, many of whom are beneficiaries of generous donor support through bursaries and scholarships that make Sancta very accessible by Sydney cost-of-living standards. 

Our story is unique in the context of Australian residential colleges – we are, and always have been, for the empowerment of young people through creating an environment rich in academic culture and real diversity. 



The visually breathtaking heritage building is for undergraduate women studying at universities across Sydney. They are from all over Australia and the world. Our tradition of being a home away from home for women from regional and rural Australia remains strong today.  



Our Graduate House building, the first of its kind in The University of Sydney Colleges’ history, was opened in 2014 to further diversify the Sancta community and is now home to over 100 postgraduate students who join us from across Australia and the globe.