Gabrielle’s First Year at Sancta

Gabrielle is from Bathurst, NSW and attended Scots All Saints College. She is studying a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the National Art School and is a first-year resident at Sancta.


Gabrielle’s road to Sancta
I first heard about Sancta from an alumna. After asking around, all I heard were amazing stories about how welcoming the community is, the endless opportunities that the College provides, and the long-life friends that can be made. A great advantage of Sancta is that students are welcomed from all universities in Sydney. As I’m a student at the National Art School, this had a big influence on my decision. After my interview with Vice Principal Brigid, I found great confidence in my decision to choose Sancta. The College really does cater for all degrees and works hard to give you the best space to learn to suit your needs. 

Gabrielle with friends in the Quad

What were your first impressions of Sancta?

After I moved in, I realised that everything I had heard about Sancta was true, and after one semester I can easily call Sancta home. Even through the trying times of the pandemic and lockdown, Sancta creates an environment where you feel connected even when you are not on campus. When I first arrived, I was of course nervous, however, my nerves were quickly settled when I was greeted by the RAs and welcomed into the College community.

What’s been the best part of being at Sancta so far?
The best part of living at Sancta so far has been all the events. Sancta holds and attends many fun events where you meet and get to know, not only Sancta girls, but people from many other colleges. It’s not just the events though – it is also the day-to-day life at Sancta. After a long day of uni, the best thing is being able to come back to College and walk into your friend’s room right next door to your own room, or relax in one of the common spaces and chat with whoever is around.

How would you sum up your first year? 
An absolutely amazing experience, even through trying times. Sancta is a community that remains strong even when apart and I can’t wait to do it all again next year.

What are you involved in at Sancta?
I have been involved in the debating team, the oration team and the rugby 7s team. I am also a part of the Social Justice Subcommittee, the Liturgical Subcommittee, and I’m a Student Ambassador for future residents. I’m proud to have also attended every Rosebowl sporting tournament to cheer on the girls from the sideline. Currently, I’m working on producing an artwork for the Palladian Art Competition.

What is your advice for future students choosing to live at Sancta?

Living away from home can be nerve-racking but living at Sancta makes the transition a whole lot easier. If you are struggling, reach out and chat to your RA or simply walk down the corridor into a friend’s room. Enjoying dinner in the Dining Hall with fellow residents makes all the difference!

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