Katie’s First Year at Sancta

Katie is from Newcastle, NSW and attended Merewether High School. She is studying Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Advanced Studies (Taronga Wildlife Conservation) at The University of Sydney and is a first-year resident at Sancta.

Katie’s road to Sancta
In year 11 I had the absolute privilege of attending the Sancta Sleepover. From that moment on, I knew Sancta would become my home away from home while I was a university student. One of the student leaders I met during the Sancta Sleepover is now one of my best friends and mentors in life. This friendship showed me the like-mindedness of Sancta girls, and the capacity of the College to bring people together from all walks of life.

Katie (right) during Welcome Week

What were your first impressions of Sancta?   
After meeting the older girls and the bubbly first-year residents during Sancta’s Welcome Week events, I was so excited to be joining such a vibrant community. Coming from regional NSW, I would be lying if I wasn’t in complete awe of the beautiful sandstone Heritage Building and Quadrangle.

What’s been the best part of being at Sancta so far?             
Knowing that the friends I have made will be my friends for life! Whether it’s watching movies in the Common Room, debriefing after an eventful night at Sunday brunch in the Dining Hall, going to Intercollegiate events, or studying in the Sancta Library – Sancta allows you to go through your university years with an amazing group of girls. That’s something that I think is really special.

How would you sum up your first year so far?    
My first year at Sancta has been the best year of my life so far! I am so grateful for the endless opportunities it has provided already. It has enabled me to form a balance between university study, cultural pursuits, social life, exercise, volunteering and work with ease.

Katie (left) at Sancta’s Commencement Dinner

What are you involved in at Sancta?

I love being involved in College life. I’m a Student Ambassador and have led student engagement events such as Virtual Dinners for future residents and have visited schools across NSW to talk about Sancta! Meeting prospective Sancta students has been such an incredible opportunity. I’m part of the Environmental Group, the Gardening Committee (let’s just say I’m an eco-queen) and the Sancta Safari subcommittee. I also enjoy trying out for sports I’ve never played for the oh-so-sacred room points.

What is your advice for future students choosing to live at Sancta?           
I can confidently say that choosing to live at Sancta has been the best decision I’ve made, so I’m happy to hear a few students I’ve met in year 12 this year are choosing Sancta as their home away from home in 2022. My advice is to give yourself all the chances to meet new people by throwing yourself into the range of opportunities Sancta and university have to offer! You never know when you might meet your new best friend!

Homesickness, culture shock and anxiety are common experiences for many first-year students living on-campus. How did you manage this aspect of your experience at Sancta?   
Your Sancta friends become like your family, so chatting through things that come up is always helpful. Your RA (Resident Assistant) is always there to support you as well, and as students who have been in the same position as you, they know how it feels and always have helpful advice to share!

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