Serafina’s First Year at Sancta

Serafina is from Newcastle, NSW and attended St Francis Xavier’s College. She is studying a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Advanced Studies (Media and Communications) at The University of Sydney and is a first-year resident at Sancta. 


Serafina’s road to Sancta
I knew I wanted to come to Sancta before I had any idea of what degree I was going to do. I had known for a while that I wanted to challenge myself by moving away from home, and my sister was a Sancta girl (Fresher 2018). Over the three years she was here, I got to visit Sancta a lot, and I knew I wanted it to be my home away from home too. I knew that having the supportive Sancta environment would help me fully embrace everything Sydney has to offer.

What were your first impressions of Sancta?
From the first day, I met the most amazing people who quickly became my friends. Welcome Week was such an incredible blur of fun that catalysed what has been the best first year at Sancta.

What’s been the best part of being at Sancta so far?
So many things! The people I’ve met, the many days and nights I’ve gotten to spend with them exploring Sydney, the college and intercollegiate events we’ve attended, and how there’s something here for everyone to get involved in.

Serafina with friends in the Quad

How would you sum up your first year so far?

One of the best years of my life. It has been such a dream, with the perfect balance of fun, friends, cultural and academic life!

What are you involved in at Sancta?
I’ve tried to get involved in as many things as I could. I’ve pursued a few of my passions through singing performances, as well as being a part of the Palladian debating competition, and joining the Social Justice subcommittee and the Sancta environment group. I’ve also been involved in things I never imagined I would including netball (the social team, I’m not quite at Rosebowl level yet!).

Do you have any advice for future students choosing to live at Sancta?
My advice would be to put yourself out there. Introduce yourself to new people, get involved in any of the innumerable opportunities on offer, and try out for a team even if you’ve never done it before. Although this may seem intimidating, you’ll end up making friendships and memories that you will hold close to you for the rest of your life!

Sancta’s Semi Formal on Sydney Harbour

Homesickness, culture shock and anxiety are common experiences for many first-year students living on-campus. How did you manage this aspect of your experience at Sancta?

Your new friends will quickly become the best support network. Whenever these feelings creep up on you, knock on someone’s door – a simple chat can be the best remedy for this! Keep busy by getting involved in the things that excite you and remember that your family and friends from home are only a phone call away.


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