Gian’s First Year at Sancta

Gian is from Cherrybrook, NSW and attended Loreto Normanhurst. She is studying Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Advanced Studies (Politics and International Relations) at The University of Sydney and is a first-year resident at Sancta.

Gian’s road to Sancta
I choose to study at The University of Sydney because of how well-regarded its Government and International Relations Faculty is. I wasn’t ready to move out of my home area, however wanted to experience life living on campus so that I could meet new people. Hence, living at Sancta was perfect for me. Especially since there were fewer in-person classes due to the pandemic, I felt that Sancta would allow me to form community bonds. What particularly attracted me to Sancta was the excellent reputation of the College’s academic tutorials to support my studies.

What were your first impressions of Sancta?     
I first visited Sancta on Open Day in 2020 after it was recommended that I visit by a family friend, who was a student at the time. Every student that I met was incredibly welcoming, and my first impressions were that everyone felt a really strong sense of community. I met so many wonderful people who each emphasised how great it was to talk to new people in the Dining Hall every day and to participate in intercollege activities.

Gian (right) at Commencement Dinner

What’s been the best part of being at Sancta so far?       
The best part of being at Sancta has definitely been the Palladian Cup Intercollege Competition. I have represented the College in debating and dance, and it was so much fun to train with friends every week and meet new people at other colleges that I otherwise wouldn’t have.

How would you sum up your first year so far?   
My first year has been incredibly exciting! It’s been full of change and learning curves, but ultimately it has been a lot of fun despite Covid restrictions. I have met amazing people who I am sure will be lifelong friends, and I somewhat know how to use a washing machine now.

What are you involved in at Sancta?      
I am on the liturgy subcommittee, am involved in ecology, and have represented Sancta in debating and dance.

What is your advice for future students choosing to live at Sancta? 
My advice would be to make sure you come with an open mind – both to making friends with new people and to try new things. Getting involved in college life is a great way to challenge yourself and meet new people.

Gian (right) at the Mother’s Day Luncheon

Homesickness, culture shock and anxiety are common experiences for many first-year students living on-campus. How did you manage this aspect of your experience at Sancta?  

Making sure that I kept in contact with friends from home, as well as my family, has helped keep me grounded at Sancta. I managed anxieties about college and university by sharing these feelings with the people around me (as we are all experiencing the same thing), as well as with my home support network. This definitely stopped me from feeling isolated.


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