When it comes to being a student, cheap is better. You only have so much money to pass around and time to earn it. Between studies and work, you need time to socialise and take a break. Sancta Sophia College knows what it means to provide affordable accommodation for students in Sydney. We also understand the importance of creating an environment that offers an ideal balance of supportive amenities and a positive social environment. Choose Sancta and your search for affordable quality accommodation will be complete.

Sancta’s campus is placed right in the heart of the University of Sydney. Only a short walk away is the Central Business District and public transport. Our campus’ focus is on creating a community that promotes friendship and learning. Take a walk around our campus, and you’ll find many areas to sit in nature and peacefully relax. At night enjoy the view of Sydney’s city skyline from many of our residences.

Our Cheap Student Accommodation in Sydney is the Right Choice

As a student, you may be tempted to find accommodation away from campus. However, you might discover that such accommodation won’t offer you the environment you need to support your growth and learning. Not only is our accommodation for students in Sydney cheap, but they are also quality designed residences within a supportive social community. Whether you choose a shared room or single, you’ll have many opportunities to meet fellow students in the lounge, dining hall, kitchen, outside and at many of the activities and events that take place at Sancta.

With our community being very diverse, socially, and academically, we offer students many opportunities to meet new people from around Sydney, Australia, and the world. At our college, you can find moments to get away, get lost in nature while you study literature, attend an event, laugh and chat with other students, learn what they’re studying and forge new friendships.

Student Accommodation That Works for Everyone’s Budget

Paying for a place to stay can be one of the most costly aspects for you as a student, besides your tuition that is. We pride ourselves on offering cheap student accommodation in Sydney that is within your reach. The only real qualification you need to stay in one of our residences is to be a student enrolled in higher education at a Sydney institution, such as a TAFE, fashion design school, or university.

Look at our prices, and you’ll see that our rates are tough to beat. If you happen to find yourself a little short in funds, you can apply for a variety of different scholarships and bursaries to assist your financial need. There’s no stopping you in getting student accommodation with us.

If you’re a student, who wants to get the most out of your educational experience, contact us today. We encourage an inclusive, supportive community in an environment that offers a perfect balance of peace, harmony, fun and activity. So, whether you’re an Australian undergrad student from Regional NSW, Brisbane or Melbourne, or a postgrad from across the globe, we have the right accommodation and community for you while you make your mark in Sydney.