Academic Dinner June 2018 – Award Winners

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We congratulate all Sancta students who received recognition at our first Academic Dinner for 2018. 

The Academic Dinner celebrates high academic achievement by members of the College, including those who have been recognised in the University Honour Roll, by gaining High Distinctions and as recipients of various Special Awards and Prizes.

In addition, we recognise the recipients of scholarships awarded for academic achievement, various talents, leadership and contribution to College life. We are particularly thankful to the generous alumni who contribute to these scholarships through their enduring philanthropy.

The College is honoured to recognise all these outstanding students and is privileged to call them part of the College community.




Academic Merit Prizes

Georgia Carroll (BA(Hons))

Aili Langford (BPharm)

Methmi Perera (BSc(Adv)/MD)

Amilee Srethbhakdi (BSc(Adv)/MD)

Ethnie Xu (BDesArch)

Viola Yu (BVetBiol/DVM)

Amanda Yung (BSc(Adv)/MD)


Faculty of Agriculture and Environment

Lucy Burrows (BScAg): Honours Class II, Division 1


Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning

Katherine Huang (BDesArch): Dean’s List of Excellence in Academic Performance

Ethnie Xu (BDesArch): Dean’s List of Excellence in Academic Performance

Ethnie Xu (BDesArch): Noel Chettle Memorial Prize


Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Jemimah Back (BA/LLB): George Vari Prize for History and Medieval Studies

Georgia Carroll (BA(Hons)): Honours Class I

Justine Landis-Hanley (BA(Media&Comm)): Dean’s List of Excellence in Academic Performance

Elizabeth Redpath (BEd(Sec:HumSocSc)/BA): Maud Stiles Prize for a Woman Student in First Year English

Katherine Schuessler (BA(Hons)): Honours Class I


Faculty of Education and Social Work

Ann Bevan (BEd(EarlyChildhood)): Honours Class II, Division 1

Elizabeth Redpath (BEd(Sec:HumSocSc)/BA): Dean’s List of Excellence in Academic Performance


Faculty of Medicine and Health

Jessica Aneja (DMD): Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons Prize

Valeriya Matveeva (DMD): Brigadier Gordon Rowell Prize

Keiran Muir (MD): John G Watson Memorial Prize

Vinay Sastry (MD): Professor CRB Blackburn Prize for Medicine RPAH


Sydney Conservatorium of Music

Alexis Weaver (BMus(Comp)): Honours Class I

Alexis Weaver (BMus(Comp)): Dean’s List of Excellence in Academic Performance


Faculty of Pharmacy

Ashley Hanes (BPharm): Dean’s List of Excellence in Academic Performance

Taylor Holland (BPharm): Honours Class I

Taylor Holland (BPharm): Dean’s List of Excellence in Academic Performance

Aili Langford (BPharm): Honours Class I and the University Medal


Faculty of Science

Cindy Chang (BPsych(Sc)): Dean’s List of Excellence in Academic Performance

Julia Mathers (BMedSc(Hons)): Honours Class I

Morgan Overmass (BMedSc): McGraw-Hill Prize for Academic Excellence in Biology

Methmi Perera (BSc(Adv)/MD): Dean’s List of Excellence in Academic Performance

Emily Puckeridge (MNutrDiet): Dean’s List of Excellence in Academic Performance

Amilee Srethbhakdi (BSc (Adv)/MD): Dean’s List of Excellence in Academic Performance

Amanda Yung (BSc(Adv)/MD): Dean’s List of Excellence in Academic Performance


Faculty of Veterinary Science

Viola Yu (BVetBiol/DVM) – Dean’s List of Excellence in Academic Performance



The scholars who have gained a High Distinction in one or more subjects in the previous academic year are:


Jessica Ambler (BBus)
Business and Organisational Strategy
Digital Marketing and Social Media

Mekhala Anjaria (BMedSc/MD)
Cranial and Cervical Anatomy
Musculoskeletal Anatomy (Adv)
Cells and Development: Practical (Adv)
TSP Anatomy Activity F Snr

Charlotte Askew (BEd(Sec:HumSocSc)/BA)
Meeting the Needs of Cultural Diversity

Arshiya Azeem (BEHons(Chem&Biom)/BSc)
Engineering for a Sustainable Society

Jemimah Back (BA/LLB)
The Middle Ages
Emerging Giant: Making of America
Writing: Style and Method

Patrick Baker (MMusStud(Comp))
Graduate Ensemble 2

Natalie Ball (BEd(Primary))
Science Concepts 2

Isabella Barrett (BA(Media&Comm)/LLB)
Advanced Media Writing
Issues in Global and Digital Media

Clarissa Becker (BA)
Essentials of Language Learning

Hannah Bhindi (BBus/BCII)
Accounting for Business Decisions A
Business Statistics
Fundamentals of Business Finance

Adam Birman (MCom)
Marketing Research Concepts

Georgia Booth (BDesFashTextiles)
Design Thinking

Taylor Bramble (BSpExerSc)
Health and Lifespan Development

Georgina Brandon (BBus)
Cost Management Systems

Chloe Cant (BBus)
Accounting for Business Decisions A
Marketing Foundations

Mary Carter (BDes)
Drawing, Design Principles and Colour Theory

Annika Cavanagh (BConstructionPM)
Digital Built Environment

Keara Chan (BA/MN)
Divided Societies

Sharon Chang (MHC)
Health Workforce Policy Analysis

Cindy Chang (BPsych(Sc))
Human Biology (Adv)
Japanese 5
Statistics and Research Methods for Psych
Concepts of Neuroanatomy
Japanese 6

Emma Charles (BVetBiol/DVM)
Animal Structure and Function A
Veterinary and Agricultural Genetics 2
Animal Energetics and Homeostasis
Animal Structure and Function B

Victor Chen (MPH)
Travel and Tropical Medicine
Global Communicable Disease Control
Making Decisions in Public Health
Health and Risk Communication

Jessica Chen (BCom)
Introduction to Econometrics

Jenny Chiang (BSc(Adv)/MD)
Visceral Anatomy (Advanced)
TSP Cell Pathology Activity E Snr
Cranial and Cervical Anatomy (SSP)
TSP Physiology Activity E Snr

Laura Choo (BA)
International Economy and Finance

Courtney Cini (MD)
Foundations for Clinical Practice

Emma Clark (BA(Media&Comm))
Transpacific American Literature

Elizabeth Collins (BComm/BAIntlStud)
Contemporary France

Caranina Colpaert (Exchange (Intl Ec Law))
International Economic Law

Isabella Cooper (BBus)
Accounting for Business Decisions A
Business Statistics
Economics for Business
Fundamentals of Business Finance

Samantha Crisp (BA/BSc)
Language and Social Context

Penelope Daniel (Exchange (Linguistics))
Australia: Conflict and Transformation

Clare Downes (BEd(Sec:HumSocSc)/BA)
Performance: Process and Collaboration

Francesca Earp (BAnVetBioSc)
Professional Development
Animal Nutrition

Rebecca Egan (BEHons(Mechatronic))
Advanced Engineering 1

Justine Endaya (BSc(Hons))

Alexandria Everett (BIntlGlobalStud)
Anthropology and the Global

Megan Findlay (BEHons(Chem&Biom)/BCom)
Conservation and Transport Processes
Energy and Fluid Systems Practice
Engineering Project: Business Plan 2 Adv
Engineering for a Sustainable Society

Greta Flanery (BBus)
Event Management
Management Skills

Felicity Galbraith (BEd(Primary))
Level 1 Spanish

Karen Gao (MCom)
Business Insights
Foundations of Supply Chain Mgmt
International Financial Crime
Microeconomics for Business

Kathryn Gill (BEd(Sec:HumSocSc)/BA)
Making History
Contemporary World History

Millicent Gordon (BPrimaryTech(RE))
Introduction to Teaching
Scripture and Church

Nikita Gour (MCom)
Management and Organisations
International Financial Crime
New Product Development
Consumer Behaviour

Bryan Griffiths (MMus(Perf))
Principal Study (MMus) 3

Aaron Groom (MPE(Aerospace))
Applied Finite Element Analysis
Professional Engineering
Dissertation B
Safety Systems and Risk Analysis

Georgina Harrison (BIntlGlobalStud)
Cultural Difference: An Introduction

Felicity Henderson-Wilson (BMus(MusEd)
Psychology of Music

Cherilyn Herbert (BBiomedSc/BPsychSc(Hons))
Cross Cultural Psychology
Community and Health Psychology

Turoe Holder (MIR)
Research Design

Katherine Huang (BDesArch)
3D Modelling and Fabrication
Architecture Studio 2B

Jesseline Ingold (BPrimEd)
Education, Teachers and Teaching

Zhiwen Jin (MCom)
Accounting Principles

Helen Johnson (BMPR)
Business Law
Quantitative Methods for Business
Business Information Technology

Sarah Jones (BA/LLB)
Constructing the Fictive Self
Reality, Ethics and Beauty
Transpacific American Literature
Introductory Logic

Gabrielle Karagiannis (BA)
Essential Mathematics

Therese Kelly (BA/LLB)
Philosophy, Morality, Society
The History Matrix

Kayoko Kobayashi (MEd)
Grammar and the Language Classroom
Special Project 1

Caroline Kwik (BN(AdvStud))
Health and Human Biology
Health Research

Georgia McGuiness (BAppSc(Phty))
Neuroscience for Physiotherapy
Research and Evidence-Based Prac for Physio

Janice Muller (BSc/BBus)
Business Statistics
Accounting for Business Decisions B
Fundamentals of Business Finance

Jacinta Oates (BEd(Primary))
Human Development and Education

Sophie O’Toole (BMedSc)
Cell Biology and Genetics

Morgan Overmass (BMedSc)
Human Biology
From Molecules to Ecosystems
Chemistry 1B
Psychology 1002

Grace Pang (BCom/LLB)
Money and Banking
East Asian Economies
Economics of the Family

Katherine Parkes (BAppSc(SpPath))
Counselling and Behaviour Mgmt for CD
Phonology, Language and Literacy
Speech Pathology Research Methods

Hailey Pendergrass (BCom)
Writing: Style and Method
Writing and Rhetoric: Academic Essays

Methmi Perera (BSc(Adv)/MD)
Human Biology
Chemistry 1A
Applications of Calculus
Chemistry 1B
Mathematical Modelling
Introduction to Linear Algebra
Psychology 1002

Maraia Pickering (BSc(Adv))
Biomolecules: Properties and Reactions Adv
Synthetic Medicinal Chemistry (Adv)

Elsa Presslaber (BDesVisComm)
Researching Design History

Elizabeth Redpath (BEd(Sec:HumSocSc)/BA)
Foundations for Ancient Greece
Education, Teachers and Teaching
Constructing the Fictive Self
Introduction to Film Studies
Australia: Conflict and Transformation

Martha Shikhule (BMedSc)
Gut and Nutrient Metabolism
Hormones, Kidney and Reproduction

Paris Slade (BIntlGlobalStud)
Junior French 1 Beginners
Psychology 1001
Introductory French 2
Psychology 1002

Kathryn Soen (BPharm)
Further Classical Styles & Techniques 
Advanced Classical Styles & Techniques

Mandy Song (BEHons(Chem&Biom)
Integral Calculus and Modelling
Statistical Thinking with Data

Alexandra Touw (BSc/LLB)
Foundations of Law
Psychology 1002

Astrid Utami (BSc)
Chemistry 1A

Gabrielle Vella (BA/BSW)
Introduction to Indigenous Cultures

Sharon Wang (BAnVetBioSc)
Veterinary and Agricultural Genetics 2

Madeleine Watson-Reeves (BSc)
Sports Coaching: Theory and Practice

Elodia Wawrzyk (MLSCM)
Production and Operations Management

Alexis Weaver (BMus(Comp))
Advanced Analysis

Sophia Wright (BCom(Liberal Studies))
International Business Strategy
International Economy and Finance

Victoria Xu (BCom/LLB)
East Asian Economies

Ethnie Xu (BDesArch)
Architecture Studio 2A
Object Design (Material and Light)
Architecture Studio 2B

Viola Yu (BVetBiol/DVM)
Animal Structure and Function A
Applied Statistical Methods
Veterinary and Agricultural Genetics 2
Australia’s Biodiversity in a Changing Envrmnt
Animal Nutrition 3
Animal Structure and Function B

Amanda Yung (BSc(Adv)/MD)
Molecular Reactivity and Spectroscopy SSP
Molecular Biology and Genomics (Adv)
Pharmacology Fundamentals
Integrated Physiology A
Concepts of Neuroanatomy
Chemical Structure and Stability (SSP)
Genetics and Genomics (Advanced)
TSP Chemistry Activity D Int



Archbishop’s Scholarship
Hannah O’Callaghan

Sr Mary Shanahan Scholarship
Louisa Sondergeld

JT Clark Scholarship
Josie Clarke

Mary Smoker Scholarships
Taylor Bramble
Casey Griffiths

John Lane Mullins Scholarship
Markarid Sarkissian

Patricia Horsley Scholarships
Amelia-Anne Merz
Jordyn Price

Pam Suttor Scholarships
Rita Andraos
Bronte Harvey-McKean
Grace Pang

Janette Sullivan Scholarships
Lindsay Liu
Elizabeth Mansourian

Gwen Kennedy Scholarship
William Adams

Bernie Schedvin Scholarship
Aimee Dai

Foundation Scholarships
Michael Duan
Molly Windsor

House Committee Scholarships
Tate Kiddle
Mary Schnelle

Sports Scholarships

Lucy Edwards

Emily Matthews

Sophie Gray

Alexander Boi Lubis

Kirsten Smith

Elaine Wang

Creative Arts Scholarships
Eulalia Angeli        Cassie Parke
Harleen Aulakh     Gabrielle Vella
Georgie Cope

Entrance Scholarships

Myasser Dana Atallah

Therese Kelly

Eliza Benecke

Jacqueline Krynda

Olivia Bennett

Alexander Leathem

Joshua Carr

Bridie MacPhail

Annabelle Carter

Elizabeth Redpath

Emma Charles

Emma Robertson

Angelica Chowdhury

Imogen Ryan

Aimee Dai

Paris Slade

Clare Downes

Charlotte Webber

Nabilah Fakim

Aaron Yang

Bronte Harvey-McKean

Viola Yu

House Committee Executive Scholarships
Mary Schnelle
Sophia Wright
Jesseline Ingold

Postgraduate Leadership Scholarships
Behzad Memarzadeh
Isobel Rowe
Elizabeth Mansourian


Excellence and Participation Scholarships

India Anderson

Molly Morgan

Mekhala Anjaria

Emily Moroney

Amelia Bryant

Kaushik Mulukutla

Cindy Chang

Katelyn O’Reilly

Alexandria Everett

Caitlin O’Shea

Nikita Gour

Maraia Pickering

James Healy

Elsa Presslaber

Andrew Honda

Antoinette Radford

Alice Ireland

Edward Voet

Helen Johnson

Victoria Xu

Sarah Jones

Aaron Yang

Paul King

Viola Yu

Andrew Leigh



Olivia Bennett (BEng/BA)
  University of Sydney Chancellor’s Award 2018
  Sir Douglas Myers Scholarship, University of Cambridge

Shannon Black (BSc/BAdvStud(AnVetBiosc))
  Rural and Regional Enterprise Scholarship, Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre

Aimee Dai (BSc/MD)
  University of Sydney Chancellor’s Award 2018

Francesca Earp (BAnVetBioSc)
  NCPST Cambodia Scholarship, University of Sydney

Rebecca Egan (BEHons (Mechatronic Eng))
  Engineering Leadership Scholarship, University of Sydney

Justine Endaya (BSc(Hons))
  Honours, Bachelor of Science, University of Toronto

Nikita Gour (MCom)
  Academic Excellence in Business Life-time membership into the Beta Gamma Sigma Society, University of Sydney

Lachlan Hegarty (MD)
  John Flynn Placement Program Scholarship, Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine 

Cassie Parke (BMus(CreativeMusic))
  Sydney Scholars Award, University of Sydney

Sarah Parsons (BDesIntSpatialDes/BCII)
  Elite Athlete Program Scholarship, University of Sydney

Maraia Pickering (BSc(Adv))
  Yim Family Foundation Scholarship, University of Sydney

Elizabeth Rose (BSc/BAdvStud(Adv))
  E12 Scholarship, University of Sydney

Mary Schnelle (BA/BEcon)
  Access Scholarship, University of Sydney

Alexis Weaver (BMus(Comp))       
  Iris Oakley Sutor Award for the Most Outstanding Student of Composition
  National Council of Women Australia Day Award, nominated by the Sydney Conservatorium of Music
  RTP Stipend and RTP Research Scholarship

Frederic Weber (MSc)      
  German Academic Scholarship Foundation

Eliza Williamson (BAppSc(SpPath))
  E12 Scholarship, University of Sydney




Natalie Ball (BEd(Primary)                                           


Keara Chan (BA/MN)                                                     


Megan Findlay (BEHons(Chem&Biom)/BCom)   


Aron Lazaridis (DMD)                                                   


Molly Morgan (BComm(PubComm)/BAIntlStud)                           

Arts/Social Sciences

Maraia Pickering (BSc)                                                   


Martha Shikhule (BMedSc)                                         

Medical Science

Louisa Sondergeld (MD)                                                 


Claire Steven (MPhty)                                                     

Applied Sciences/Health Sciences

Molly Windsor (BBus/LLB)                                         


Victoria Xu (BCom/LLB)                                               


Viola Yu (BVetBiol/DVM)                                             

Veterinary Science