Academic Dinner 2019 Award Winners

On Monday 26 August, the College and University community came together for the annual Academic Dinner in the Sheldon Dining Hall to celebrate the high academic achievements by members of the College. 

Sancta congratulates all who received recognition at our Academic Dinner, particularly those who have been recognised in the University Honour Roll and Dean’s Lists, by gaining High Distinctions and as recipients of various Special Awards and Prizes.

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The College is honoured to recognise all of the following outstanding students and is privileged to call them part of the College community:


University Honour Roll

University Medal
Meghan Williamson BAppSc(Phty) Hons I

First Class Honours
Mariska Ackerman BBiomedSc(Medical Research) Hons I
Alexander Leathem BSc Hons I
Maraia Pickering BSc(Adv) Hons I
Meghan Williamson BAppSc(Phty) Hons I
Lauren Yuile BAppSc(SpPath) Hons I

Second Class Honours
Francesca Earp BAVB Hons II, Division 1
Sarah McInnes BE(Chemical & Biomolecular) Hons II, Division 1
Carlee Millikin BE(Biomedical) Hons II, Division 1
Edward Voet BA(Lang) Hons II, Division 1

Dean’s List of Excellence in Academic Performance
Justine Landis-Hanley BA(Media&Comm)
Elizabeth Redpath BEd(Sec:HumSocSc)/BA
Emma Robertson BSc/BAdvStudies
Martha Shikhule BMedSc
Amilee Srethbhakdi MD
Meghan Williamson BAppSc(Phty) Hons I
Ethnie Xu BDesArch
Lauren Yuile BAppSc(SpPath) Hons I

Awards and Prizes
Jordan Bayne – The Colgate Cariology Award
Sophie Brown – Dental Alumni Society Prize No II for Proficiency in Pre-Clinical Operative Dentistry
Cindy Chang – A L Sadler Prize for Japanese
Damisha Jivraj – Top Clinical Dental Student in the Doctor of Dental Medicine Program, Integrated Clinical Dentistry A/B 2018
Jade Nutting – Campbell Kordick Memorial Prize in Psychiatry
Elizabeth Rose – Mrs Elva Rae Talented Mathematics Students Initiative Award
Myriam Song – P J V Beumont Prize in Psychiatry Medicine

Academic Merit Prize
Methmi Perera BSc(Adv)/MD
Ethnie Xu BDesArch


College Scholars

High Distinction Average
Victor Chen
Abbey Connor
Aimee Dai
Damisha Jivraj
Aashima Juneja
Jacqueline Krynda
Justine Landis-Hanley
Alexander Leathem
Elizabeth Mansourian
Emily Moroney
Isabella Nilsson
Meghana Pampapathi
Maraia Pickering
Elizabeth Redpath
Emma Robertson
Elizabeth Rose
Martha Shikhule
Daniel van der Merwe
Lauren Yuile

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