Home by Abbey Tyrwhitt

Home was written by Abbey Tyrwhitt (Fresher 2023) for Sancta students’ own monthly publication, Sophia’s Laundry (Volume 17, May 2023). 


They say the country is a quiet place;
But to that I disagree,
Because at the break of silence you’ll hear
A kookaburra laughing from a tree,
Or the crickets at sunset;
An electric hum
Like the sound of my father
After one too many rums.

They said the city would be scary.
Filled with monsters and mice and men.
The incarnation of capitalism,
Where no one is your friend.
But the noise and lights and crowds
don’t scare me like they do you,
and ‘the sky is your limit’,
is what I wish to pursue.

They say the country is lifeless,
and not to go west of the mountains.
but at the pub with the locals on a Friday night,
is one of the most wholesome encounters.
Like the feeling of seeing old friends down the street,
And reminiscing the Dubbo netball commute,
The annual ‘kids in cotton’ photos,
And watching the sunset from the tray of a ute.

They said the city would be deceptive;
That it wouldn’t value hard work.
That it would take what you give,
And ‘leave you in the dirt.’
But maybe this is where dreams come true,
And lifelong friends are made,
Someway, somehow, I get the best of both worlds,
And that, I wouldn’t trade.

Conception is deception,
And the world isn’t divided by teams,
Because the difference between ‘us’ and ‘them’
Isn’t as big as it seems.