If you’re planning to study in Australia, one of the most important things to start thinking about is your Sydney student accommodation. There are many options, from private rental to homestay, each of which offers its distinct advantages depending on your situation, needs, and goals. However, the best option for most students is to live on campus – and here’s why.


The number-one reason most students choose to live on campus is proximity to their classes. When you live just a short walk from where you need to go every day, you don’t have to deal with traffic or public transport – and this convenience makes it much easier to make it to all your classes throughout the semester. Shorter travel times also mean more sleep.

Access to university facilities and services

Your on-campus student accommodation in Sydney allows you access to campus amenities such as computer labs, the library, and recreation facilities. You’ll have university resources at your fingertips anytime you need to, say, use the newest software to complete an important IT assignment or peruse the library for essay references.

An easier transition to Australian life

Choosing on-campus student accommodation in Sydney City means that you’ll have less to worry about when you arrive in Australia. You can make things even easier for yourself by living in a college that provides meals, tutoring, and more. You’ll also have access to helpful orientation programs, pastoral care, and a safe environment in which to live and study.

The ability to make friends easily

One of the best perks of living in a college are the social opportunities they offer. It’s easy to make new friends when there are frequent social activities planned. You’ll probably meet lots of new people in the first week alone, positioning yourself to see some familiar faces in your classes when they begin.

A more affordable option

Living on campus can be more budget-friendly than other accommodation options in Sydney City. Not only will the price of your accommodation include meals, utilities, and more, but you’ll also save money on transport. Renting an apartment in the area usually costs much more.

Where to find on-campus Sydney accommodation for students

At Sancta Sophia College, we offer students an enriching experience by providing student accommodation right on campus at the University of Sydney. You’ll be immersed in a supportive, inclusive community with lots of opportunities to get involved, make friends, and reach your academic goals. Our undergraduate accommodation is women only, giving you a safe and comfortable living environment. You’ll love our beautiful heritage buildings and grounds and the
element of serenity and comfort they add to your experience. We also offer an academic mentoring program and a diverse community to help you achieve your goals and enjoy a successful academic and social experience while you’re here. Find your home away from home and become part of the university’s historic college community – contact Sancta Sophia College today.