If you’re planning to study in Sydney and you’re looking for Sydney student housing, Sancta Sophia College can help in several ways. We are located on campus at the University of Sydney and are home to hundreds of undergraduate and postgraduate women and men (although our undergraduate accommodation is a women-only environment). Our community draws students from all over Australia and countries throughout the world with our inclusive, supportive environment and a complete academic, residential experience. Our residents enjoy plenty of social, sport, and other opportunities, but we are an academic community first – here are some of the ways we can help you succeed.

One-on-one academic support

Students who wish to stay on top of their studies as they learn ways to reduce stress and enhance organisation can take advantage of an individual session with the Vice Principal to create personal study schedules and timetables. This one-on-one support is instrumental in providing many students with the motivation and assistance they need to reach their academic goals. You’ll learn strategies that can help optimise your performance in the classroom as well as in your future professional life. Our students consistently report that this opportunity helps them lift their marks and lower their stress, improving their overall university experience.

Tutorial program

When you choose student housing in Sydney at Sancta, you’ll have access to a wide-ranging tutorial program to help you reach your academic potential. We offer tutorials in subjects such as Human Biology, Engineering, Music Theory, and many more. We also offer postgraduate tutorials in Law, Dentistry, and Pharmacology. You’ll also benefit from the intercollege tutorial network, which gives you access to the tutorials at other residential colleges. Most students who take advantage of these services find that it helps them understand their coursework better and that they achieve better academic results.

Peer support

Sancta’s student housing at Sydney University also offers academic mentoring to all our student residents. Academic mentoring provides mutual academic support within and across age groups to benefit everyone. Students who are selected to become academic mentors provide academic support to other students in their disciplines. Along with peer-to-peer support, this program also includes two events each year that give residents, faculty, and alumni the chance to interact and network.

Student housing at the University of Sydney at Sancta Sophia College

At Sancta Sophia College, we offer a strong academic support program as well as a range of cultural activities related to art, literature, music, and society. We help students build their skills and develop an edge when it comes to academic writing, referencing, networking, and goal setting. Furthermore, we encourage our residents to get involved in opportunities and events across the community and university for the most enriching experience on campus. If your academic goals are important to you, find your home away from home at Sancta Sophia College and benefit from our community of like-minded students and the encouragement and support of this living environment. Contact Sancta today to learn more.